Common Household Pets That Live Long Lives

Common Household Pets That Live Long Lives

One of the hardest parts of having a pet is coming to terms with the fact that they will not live forever. While eternity is not an option, there are specific pets that live longer than others. If you are considering getting a pet and want to be able to enjoy their companionship for as long as possible, take a look at the list below. We share a few common household pets that live long lives to give you some direction as far as what pets you might consider welcoming into your family.

Indoor Cats

The reason for specifying them as indoor cats is that they have a much higher lifespan than outdoor cats. Not only do outdoor cats risk injury from other animals and vehicles, but their environment allows for the risk of exposure to diseases and illnesses. That is not the case for indoor cats. As an owner of an indoor cat, if you properly feed and care for your pet, they will hopefully live a long and happy life.

Common Goldfish

This might be shocking because many people associate fish with short lifespans; however, that is not the case with goldfish. If you follow the right steps to keep your fish alive, including creating the perfect environment for your fish, maintaining that environment, and providing ample care for it, your goldfish can live for several years!


Not all reptiles fall into this category, but lizards and snakes are two examples of household pets that have a long lifespan. It all depends on the type of lizard or snake you call family. For example, Green Iguanas on average live up to 15 years, while leopard geckos can live an average of 20 years. It is important to note that these pets live longer in capacity than in the wild due to proper nutrition and the ability to stay away from predators.

These three animals above are among the list of common household pets that live long lives. If you are considering getting a pet and want to make sure you get as much time with them as possible, you might consider one of these species. It is also important to remember that proper care and environment play a huge role in a pet’s life, so do the proper research to understand how to care for your pet the right way to give them that long and happy life!

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