5 Interesting Facts About The Pittsburgh Steelers

pittsburgh steelers fun facts for kids

5 Interesting Facts About The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have been arguably the most successful franchise in the history of the National Football League TBH. When it comes to football performances, numbers always stand as proof. You can understand the performance of the Steelers from the team’s six Super Bowl Victories in the NFL History. This number is more than any team aside from the New England Patriots, and even more than the mighty Green Bay Packers and SF Niners. SMH at the success of those two teams. If you are an ardent fan, knowing some interesting facts about them will help. It also never hurts to check out some OMG highlights in 4K HDR on Youtube. Here are five of them:

  1. Unique helmet:

As compared to the other 31 teams, Pittsburgh Steelers is the only team in the NFL to have the team’s logo only on a single side of the helmet. The present logo was actually employed for advertising for the American Iron and Steel Institute in the year 1962. It was initially tested on only a single side of the gold helmet of the team. At that time, the team decided on the black color of the helmet and also the single side logo.

  1. An entirely home-grown team in 1979:

In the 1979 Steelers team, every player on the roster was either signed as an undrafted free agent or drafted by the Steelers. It means that not even a single player on the roster had worn other NFL uniforms in their career before. Amazing feat for football and also very unusual if it were basketball or baseball. The Steelers also do a great job drafting historically, like finding hidden gems from Clemson football or Ohio State football.

  1. The Terrible Towel of Steelers:

The fans of the Steelers follow the practice of waving the iconic yellow towel during the games of this team. It began for the radio station promotion. But, it is still followed by the fans of this team as a wildfire. The fans use this towel waving as a way to intimidate any team daring to oppose the Steelers. They do it no matter who comes to play in Pittsburgh whether it is the Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, or Chicago Bears.

  1. Loyal followers:

The Steelers hold the pride of being the only team in the NFL to have loyal followers. It means that they travel long distances to support their team wherever they play. The team gets tons of MEME and GIF on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. This shows how much FOMO their fan base has and how they like to share HIFW the Steelers play and win games.

  1. The team without cheerleaders:

In 1961, the team appointed cheerleaders. They served the team for nine seasons providing cheerleading services. But, thereafter, the team dropped them. Only one other team in the Super Bowl Tournament in 2011 had no cheerleaders other than Pittsburgh Steelers.

I hope you would have been surprised by these interesting facts about your favorite NFL Team!

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Pittsburgh Sports Venues

Pittsburgh sports venues are perhaps the most notable and historic in the country. There are several arenas for sporting events around the city and some of them have been renamed. The first stadium to be formally dedicated was Heinz Field in 1936, which was called “the diamond” at that time. The Pittsburgh Steelers, who was then the team, played their home games there until the stadium was demolished in 1979.

When Heinz Field was torn down, the city’s government looked for a new site for a stadium for a team. During this time, PNC Park Pirates Stadium was designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This was his first professional design. The park was located on the former site of PNC Park in downtown Pittsburgh, which was one of the first baseball stadiums to have retractable roofs. This helped it be cooler during hot summer days. Now in 2020, there is ample debate about developing other types of real estate right adjacent to and surrounding PNC Park.

The PNC Park Pirates Stadium was not only the first sports stadium that had retractable roofs, but also the first to use lightweight materials to make it. It was one of the first stadiums to feature retractable glass roof. It was also very spacious. It has two levels and a lower deck that are enclosed. There are seats for more than 12,000 people.

After more than 30 years, PNC Park Pirates Stadium was moved to its current location and now it is known as PNC Park. This stadium features a retractable roof that is opened in different seasons. The seats are raised a few inches so that fans can watch games from the highest seats in the house. There are eight suites on each level.

At night, the lower deck is open to the public and baseball fans can watch outdoor games. In this stadium, the first pitch is given by its own special pitcher, Charlie Hough. His first pitch is an artificial one because he pitched a perfect game to qualify for the postseason. The opposing team is then challenged to a re-start before the next inning.

At the University of Pittsburgh, many live events are held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. It was a natural choice because of the stadium’s amazing architecture. This venue has three levels that overlook the river. There are restaurants that offer spectacular views of the waterfront and downtown area.

Aside from the well-known architecture and design, this venue also houses the most technologically advanced sound system and lighting systems. This venue has an incredible sound system and is known for its spectacular lights. It was recently voted as the best outdoor venue for music concerts. The sound of rain, applause, and cheers are loud in this venue.

If you are interested in visiting the best sports venues in the country, then Pittsburgh is the place to visit. You will be impressed by all the great innovations that have been developed in this venue and the upgrades that they have made in the past few years.

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