5 Interesting Facts About The Denver Broncos

denver broncos facts

5 Interesting facts About the Denver Broncos

  1. The Denver Broncos was established as a club in the American football League on the 14th of August, 1959. This was also when the American Football League held its first regular season. The Broncos participated in the first game against the Boston Patriots and beat them 13-10.
  2. In it’s first few years, the team was rather young and hence financially unstable – in constant need of more money. This forced them to wear hideous, used college football uniforms. These uniforms were burned in a organized public bonfire, while the team was in the off-season during 1962.  SMH! The old Broncos and used uniforms – OTP. The smell was NSFW.
  3. Broncos have a history of non-discrimination within their team. The first African-American to ever play Professional Football – Gene Mingo was part of Broncos from 1960 up until 1964.
  4. According to a few experts, since Denver is located at a higher altitude, kick-offs here generally travel much farther than other cities. This is why most of the NFL’s historic long field goals have occurred in the Broncos ground. Mile High Stadium has produced many moments TBH that end up in GIF or MEME and float around Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok.
  5. Peyton Manning, a Broncos player for a few seasons after his career with the Indianapolis Colts, is one of the only two NFL quarterbacks to have beat each of the 32 teams in the league.

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