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What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a micro-blogging social network service which allows users to share not-so-important things in their life by answering a simple question: “What are you doing?” Answers to this question are organized in a short messages called Tweets, length is limited to 140 characters. The good thing about Twitter, there is no “noise” created by boring people since “friendships” are not mutual – you can “follow” interesting people while they don’t have to follow you. In February 2009, Twitter had a monthly growth (of users) of over 1300 percent – several times more than Facebook. Twitter made huge success from the mobile device users (in 2009 there was 735,000 unique mobile visitors).

As time went on and Twitter experienced hyper-growth a lot more “noise” entered the mix.  The number of users and ways in which different types of people and entities used Twitter exploded thus creating an eruption in traffic and of course conflicts between differing agendas.

In Q3 2018 twitter reported 326 Million Monthly Active Users.  Katy Perry and Justin Bieber have the two most popular Twitter accounts with each having more than 100 Million followers.  More stats found here.

What Is A Twitter Handle?

A Twitter handle is the name of the Twitter account and symbolized by whatever text follows the “@” sign.  The Twitter handle for is @iFacts.  People use handles in conversation by saying things like “check us out at {insert Twitter handle here}” or saying “follow us on twitter at  . . . . . . . ”

Here is what it looks like in terms of the user interface:

what is twitter

What Is Twitter Used For?

Twitter is used for almost anything at this point.  The traffic, noise, and volume on Twitter does tend to get dominated by politics and sports.  Political parties, candidates, governments, officials, participants, media figures, and others spend an enormous amount of time ranting and raving on Twitter trying to destroy each other.

Sports fanatics, teams, fans, media, and athletes also gobble up a lot of the Twitter space.  But there is use beyond these areas.  Businesses large and small use Twitter to keep people informed.  Individuals use Twitter to follow things that interest them and stay up to speed.  Businesses can use Twitter to follow and spy on their competition.  The sky is the limit and there are no real boundaries.  There are also “DMs” which are direct messages – presumably private but likely subject to censorship and confiscation if push comes to shove.

Twitter and Bitcoin

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is also the CEO of Square.  Square has one of the most popular apps in the world which is used to move cash and also purchase Bitcoin.  It’s an all out war among the platforms with the likes of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google battling it out over the attention of the people and the future direction of the global economy.

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