You Got REKT!

rekt meaning

What Does REKT Mean?

REKT is urban slang for “wrecked” or “destroyed”. It is generally used in the context of someone losing very badly at some type of contest such as a video game. It also has gained even more use in the cryptocurrency space. The term can pick up more momentum TBH as more people get involved with things like Bitcoin and Tezos along with other coins.

Professional “traders”, trolls, and other voices on Twitter toss around memes and insults related to someone getting REKT with respect to a crypto trade or ICO gone bad. There are plenty of GIF and MEME to check out on Tiktok, Facebook, or Youtube on this topic.

The Civic ICO and associated REKTactular downward spiral of the company and CEO credibility provides a nice snapshot of REKT as it relates to crypto and getting destroyed. As of may of 2020 the Civic token is trading around $0.02/coin. Vinny Lingham was also recently sued regarding the ICO and Securities Law violations.

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rekt meaning

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rekt meaning

REKT can extend into other areas of pop culture such as sports like baseball, basketball, and e-sports. Fans can use it when discussing a game between the LA Lakers and Houston Rockets or a game between the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers as examples.

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