What Does YOLO Mean?

what does yolo mean

Is YOLO A Bad Word?

No, YOLO is merely an acronym that has made its way into pop culture and spreads easily via social media.

In the everlasting thirst for fame and fortune and Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, et al, sometimes people are very tempted to throw caution to the wind. TBH – we hope it doesn’t end up in a tragic disaster with the obligatory NSFW images and photos, but that FOMO can really control your brain and mind. You know, like when you just wing it and decide diving off a cliff or doing a two minute keg stand is worth the rush.

What Does YOLO Mean?

Well, there is a perfect acronym and texting vernacular for that. Enter YOLO = You Only Live Once. This is shorthand for emphasizing that one is taking an action with an expectation that it needs to happen or should happen because after all, you are only alive once. But, you wouldn’t make your dog or cat dive off a cliff.

Example: “Got some major FOMO with Post Malone coming in for a concert, like HIFW Billie Eilish came last year. So screw it. YOLO. Just maxed my credit card to buy floor seats! DAE feel this way?” (Send MEME and GIF out for added emphasis) SMH.

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