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Who is Ondreaz Lopez?

Ondreaz Lopez, an American by birth, is a TikTok sensation. Most notably, he is famous for his funny videos and the lip-syncing content that he uploads on his TikTok channel ‘ondreazlopez_’ that has around 15 million followers, dozens of videos, and around 635.2 million likes as well. Captioned ‘That one guy’, his account only follows about 86 people. Talk about star power!

Birthday and early lifeHow Old Is Ondreaz Lopez?

Born on April 4, 1997, in Colorado, USA, Ondreaz Lopez is an Aries. He has spent the majority of his childhood with his Hispanic origin family in Nevada along with his younger brother, Tony. Ondreaz’s first taste of success in the social media sphere occurred when he collaborated with his brother to open a channel called the ‘Lopez Brothers’ that was quite a hit. Their prominence soon led them to acquire a large following among members of online communities, such as The Hype House. They sure are OTP if we are TBH.

Net worth

Ondreaz Lopez has taken the social media world by storm to emerge with a net worth of around 1 Million USD. Ondreaz Lopez is also quite well-known for his YouTube channel, where he keeps his fans engaged with posts about his daily life. You can find videos there in 4K HDR and can also check on Twitch as well.

Height and general appearance

Ondreaz Lopez, who is famous for his charming persona and cute smile, stands at 5 feet 11 inches or 180.3 cm. This complements his weight, which is a tight 73 kg that he maintains through a rigorous gym training program that includes a lot of cardio, dance, and weight training as well. Like Anna Kanyuk and her workout regimen, Ondreaz understands HIFW the atmosphere has expectations that you entertain your followers with fitness oriented content.

A notable characteristic of his is the long bouncy hair that he has. His dark brown hair and clean-shaven face add to his cherubic appearance. Besides, the tattoo on his left bicep is another striking attribute of his appearance. A lover of jewelry, Ondreaz Lopez is known to sport a thick chain around his neck. As someone with pierced ears, he also wears his trademark cross-shaped studs frequently – SMH.


Ondreaz Lopez is presently around 24 years of age, but his videos cater to a much wide age bracket of fans.


His TikTok channel, however, was started in March 2019. A proficient dancer, most of Ondreaz Lopez’s content includes videos him lip-syncing or dancing without a shirt. Now that he has become a member of the famed Hype House, he spends most of his time spreading positivity and kindness in the online sphere. He is building a brand like Tyler Hoover with Hoovies and Eli Tomac with his motocross fame.

In his many Instagram live appearances for his fans, the star has documented the struggles that he has faced during his meteoric rise. He recalls how he has been dancing since way back in his life. Initially, he recalls, his dancing moves hadn’t cut it with his audience on TikTok. He further mentions the hardship he went through to deconstruct his dancing style to suit the format of the app, which led to stellar success. Many feel that the COVID-19 issue is even elevating the earnings power of some Tiktok influencers such as Lopez.


Fans can also connect with the effervescent star at @ondreazlopez on Twitter, where he has over 574.1k swooning fans. A regular user of Twitter, Ondreaz Lopez follows 12 people and posts about himself and contemporary issues as well. The followers really add up, kind of like Josh Richards and Serena Williams.


Being the owner of the verified ‘ondreazlopez’ Instagram handle, Ondreaz Lopez has over 3.3 million followers for the account that has the tagline ‘the chosen one’. Fans have the delightful option of viewing the pics and short videos posted by the Lopez brothers or buying cool merchandise from the ‘https://lopez-bros.com/’ site that is posted on the Instagram account. It is worth mentioning that as of the time of writing this article, Ondreaz Lopez is only following 99 people.

Ondreaz Lopez is on his way to super-stardom, and his major fan following is only proof of the same!

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