Why Are Survival Skills Important? Important Facts You Need To Know

basic survival skills

To sustain yourself through any harsh environment, you’ll need basic ideas that will enable you to survive through these harsh times. These skills will allow you to interact with plants and animals for a specified period so that you can sustain your life and survive anything in this world or throughout the atmosphere.

In case of a fatal accident, and all that is available is natural resources, the knowledge of how to use them gives you the confidence we all desire to venture into nature. Learning how to practice these skills is an essential task for any person willing to enjoy life. If you also need any help on the tricks you should use to stay safe until your help arrives, visit nativecompass.com for any information you need to survive.

Below are the reasons why these survival skills are important


Fire is of the essence when you need to survive in that you will be able to ward your body temperature, signal your rescuers. You will also be able to boil your water for drinking, cook your food, which increases your chances of survival and also dries off your clothes TBH

It shows you should have the tools and the know-how of making the fire while you are alone for some time. Among the many vital tools in starting a fire include a lighter, a fire rod, or a chemical firelighter.

To start the fire, you will need to gather a lot of firewood, organize them and then create a base that will lift your fire from the cold ground.


Too much exposure can cause dehydration and sometimes sunstroke. However, when it is too cold, hypothermia when the temperatures are below the body temperature. You will also need a dry place so that you can start up a fire without any struggles. To evade all these threats, you will need to have the skills and the knowledge of how you should set up a shelter.

While setting up a shelter, secure a good position that won’t be affected by either trees or too much wind. Once you can come up with reasonable accommodation, start planning on how to improve your sleeping method. Use reeds to raise your body that will protect you from the cold ground.

Food and water

Food and water are also essential for survival. You can only survive for three to one week without water. While packing makes sure, you pack extra in case of any unforeseen circumstances. In case you run out of food, don’t be too desperate to eat everything. Don’t eat plants you do not know. Nutrition of course is essential, so eventually you must consume salt, potassium, and other critical nutrients like magnesium and protein.

If your packed water runs out, collect some in the river and never wait until you have none so that you can manage. Don’t forget to boil it for safe drinking.

First aid

In case of an accident, never panic but remain calm and do what is needed to keep yourself safe. Carry a survival kit that has all medical tools at all times. Learning how to keep your brain functioning at all times is very important since you will be able to sit, think, observe what happened, and then plant on what to do.

While packing your medical needs, never overpack. Carry what you will need in case of a small cut or bruise. Make sure you can use all that is in your medical tools. Also, do not forget to insulate yourself with a space blanket to prevent hypothermia.


This is one of the unique techniques that enable you to alert any rescuer that you need help. You can learn how to signal by starting a fire, whistling, mirrors, using flags, or even using bright colours. Forming three lights that will develop a triangular form is a signal that shows distress. Make sure you start the fire very carefully to avoid burning the surrounding.

Mirrors are useful when you see a plane that is coming to your rescue. During the day, you can call for relief using organic material that will produce a smoky fire.


There are many survival skills that any individual who wants to venture into outdoor activities should familiarise themselves with. Above are the necessary survival skills that you should be able to use in case you’re in the wilderness or somewhere doing your outdoor activities such as hunting or camping.

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