5 Interesting Facts About The Rolling Stones

rolling stones facts

Rolling Stones Facts

Most people assign the name “Richards” to legendary guitarist Keith Richards.  The original and real name of the guitarist is Keith Richard – without the “s”.

rolling stones facts

The true initial action of the band started all the way back in 1949 in Dartford, England.  Jagger and Richard went to school together and began working together on music.

Jagger and Richards have actually also produced most of the Rolling Stones albums since the 1970’s.  They do so under an alternate name – “The Glimmer Twins”.

Martin Scorcese has used “Gimme Shelter” in three of his flagship films – Goodfellas, Casino, and The Departed.

The Rolling Stones were voted into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame before they were inducted into the UK Music Hall Of Fame.  The former occurred in 1989 and the UK entry wasn’t until 2004.

rolling stones facts


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