Octopus Facts

how many hearts does an octopus have

The largest octopus weighs about 15kg (Octopus dofleini). An Octopus has three hearts and it can squeeze through a hole the size of a 10-cent coin. Hapalochlaena species can inject enough venom in one bite to kill several adult humans. They can adopt a two-tentacles “walk” that frees up their six remaining limbs and makes them look like an armed vehicle.

There are about 300 species of octopus identified.  The Giant Pacific Octopus weighs about 33 ponds.

Octopus have three hearts.  They have a systemic heart and two branchial hearts. Octopus blood is blue and they have nine brains.

how many hearts does an octopus have

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  1. Me and Steph are heading off on an Octopus adventure in May 2010. We are going to venture around the world seeking octopuses of all kinds and sizes.

    if anyone is interested just comment here and we’ll comment back.


  2. it really is
    i first discovered i could talk to animals when i was 7!! no one belived me.. except olivia. she also had the same powers as me so it was easy to talk to her about it

    fish are friends not food

    just keep swimming

  3. ALSOOOO forgot to say….

    i’m getting married… and im haviing an underwater wedding!!

    we are having twelve octopuses as the bridesmaids!

    cant wait!!!
    so excited!!!

  4. well bye for now.

    just off to the ocean to see norman- just a basking shark we are friends with. he unfortunately had tooth ache the other day but luckily we found a real nice dentist to check his teeth out.


    gluuuuuuuuuug (byeee in fish language!)

  5. i completly agree with olivia
    it is amazing that they swim with 8 legs. did you know they are about 23 feet long. amazing

  6. Another thing….

    It would be like eating a brother of sister.

    now for a quick lesson in marine talk…

    glug glug glug = hello (in fish)

    GRRRRR = Back off (in shark)

  7. Just to add onto stephs previous comment….

    We got into underwater marine life when in south africa when we went swimming with sharks. they didnt even try to attack us. we are such naturals when with animals.

    We would compare ourselves with Dr D Dolittle. As we have a gift with sealife and can often talk to them.

    Its the most incredible thing.

  8. yeah look out for us on our wild adventure
    we’ve been working with octopus’ for about 20 years now
    and in may we will be going to south africa also in search for the blue whale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Too bad they live only for five years, maximum. Those who hate Paul – should just get him married, sex is lethal for octopus, they die immediately after.

  10. hey… im doing this for a project at my school i think u should put more things up about this animal but it was kool 🙂

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