Moon Bear Facts

moon bear facts

What Is A Moon Bear?

Moon bears are the Asiatic black bears which are called so because of the ‘crescent moon’ found on their chest. Their weights vary from one hundred and ten pounds to four hundred and fifty pounds. They inhibit in the high altitude forests ranging from Pakistan to Japan.  Asia is certainly a general region where Moon Bears are located.

Moon Bear Facts

These bears are about four to six feet tall and owing to their strong claws they can climb trees easily and can swim as well. They make dens in caves and can sleep in trees also. Being caged for extracting their bile juice regularly for Chinese medicines the population of these bears has come down to mere sixteen thousand. Customers usually visit the farms to select the bear for themselves for slaughter. It is for this reason that one gall bladder of this bear is sold for as much as twenty thousand dollars in Korea. China Russia and North Korea have the biggest farming of moon bears. These bears have a vocabulary of their own as they frequently make clucking sounds while playing and huffing sounds for warning.
moon bear facts

facts about moon bears

The bears have their bile extracted on a normal basis, for use not just in traditional medicine, but in addition in many ordinary household solutions. They hibernate in their natural environment and the need to do this is indelibly implanted into their DNA. It is known as the moon bear due to the large yellowish cresent-shaped marking on its chest. A newborn baby is about to eat good food in only a month or two. She’s a really joyful girl though! I really like this photo on account of the incredible folks in it but also because you may see their wonderful sanctuary in the background.

More information on Moon Bears located here. 

In actual terms it costs $12,000 to maintain a bear for a single year. The bears have their bile extracted on a normal basis, for use not just in traditional medicine, but in addition in many ordinary household solutions. Sadly, bears taken for bile farming can’t be released back into the wild.

Contrary to what most people think, bears aren’t nocturnal. Additionally, they are rather intelligent and shy animals. They seemed like a good call. Now the bear cannot return to the wild, since it wouldn’t be in a position to chew a normal, wild bears diet, even in the event the proprietor could afford to purchase it. Naturally, bears are nomadic in they must travel extensively in search of the a variety of food items out there. Occasionally Asian Black Bears are likewise a danger.

Today, it’s possible to fully substitute bear bile utilizing cheap and powerful herbal and synthetic ingredients. Bear bile comprises ursodeoxycholic acid. Bear bile isn’t a magical cure.

Puppy farming is the traditional example. In the event that you were previously unfamiliar with bear bile farming, here are five things you must know about bear bile. Sadly, bear bile farming persists in the nation because of legal loopholes together with the simple fact that demand still exists.

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Moon Bears In Captivity

Unfortunately the bears cannot be released into the wild as a result of physical and mental issues, and the lack of a safe place to release them. A number of the bears had a mixture of these ailments. Some bears are caught as cubs and might be held in these conditions for as many as 30 decades. The brown bear can live a mean of 25 decades. Brown bears are among the more familiar bears since they are frequently distributed compared to other species. They are at the top of the food chain and have no predators. Brown Bear The brown bear is just one of the biggest bear species.

Each bear has a special crescent and, being I came to witness, an exceptional personality. The polar bear is a significant portion of Arctic food chain. Baby polar bears stay near their den to prevent attacks from predators. Actually each bear has its favorite spot and will attempt to reserve it from different bears. It is projected that less than 100,000 moon bears continue to be alive. It’s known as the moon bear on account of the large yellowish crescent-shaped marking on its chest. It is called the moon bear as a result of large yellowish crescent-shaped marking on its chest.

How To Help Moon Bears 

Here is a wonderful organization dedicated to nature and helping moon bears.

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  1. Black bears use sounds to express a range of emotions. When they are relaxed they make a variety of grunting sounds and when frightened, they make a loud blowing noise.

  2. personally only the first one was a fact the other two were more like statements or opinions, so there wasn’t much point putting they are cute but I must agree they are cute!

    Bear fact: Moon bears usually weigh up to 140-200 kg and usually grow up to 4-6 feet tall.

  3. moon bears are gorgeouse animal,its so cruel what these people do to them maybe we should lock them in tiny cages and beat them see how they would like it.
    It makes me so angry save these lovely animals

  4. if you look at more detailed videos of the biles in china…… it is way more sad then this. BELIEVE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!

  5. This sick peasant freaks with their stupid superstitions are the cause of monmental suffering for countless animals. It’s not just in Asia, either. The market for bear gall baldders is so huge that poaching bears in the US and Canada is on the rise. These are the same sick freaks who think drinking snake blood is good for you. FUCKING SAVAGES!

  6. Hi, I’m recently saw a documentary on the Moon Bear. I love the picture you’ve got of the Moon Bear standing up. Is it possible to have it sent to me in higher resolution? Thanks.

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