Armadillo Facts

A pound of armadillo meat contains 780 calories. Most armadillos seen dead on the road did not get hit by the wheels. When an armadillo is frightened it jumps straight into the air. Armadillos have four babies at a time, always all the same sex. They are perfect quadruplets, the fertilized cell split into quarters, resulting in four identical armadillos. Armadillos get an average of 18.5 hours of sleep per day. Armadillos can walk underwater.


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  1. I put out water and an area to put scraps in my yard which is like a forest. i have an armadillo that works in the yard eating up the bugs. i found one in the empty water basin (i have 4, and one was broken so it didn’t have water.) i am not sure if it was sleeping or …what? i would like to able to accommodate these cute insecctivores.

  2. The bacteria Mycobacterium leprae can be cultured in the foot pads of armadillos, meaning that the feet of the armadillo provides a suitable environment for the bacteria to reproduce. But the probability are low that armadillos can spread leprosy, for it is mainly used as a lab technique to culture the microorganism causing leprosy

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