Interesting Facts About China

interesting facts about china

Interesting Facts About China

China, the new emerging power has been the oldest continuous civilization on Earth, for the last 4000 years.  Chinese flag is red which represents the blood spilled during the communist revolution.  On the flag there is one large star, representing leadership, and four small stars which represent four social classes: capitalists, bourgeoisie, workers and peasants all united under one Communist Party.

China clearly has the largest population and economy in Asia.

China And Bitcoin

China seemingly has a love/hate relationship with Bitcoin.  On the one hand some of the largest mining operations of Bitcoin are in China.  It’s a great place to find out how Bitcoin mining works.  On the other hand, the government seems to threaten to ban or destroy Bitcoin every now and then.  A cat and mouse game if there ever was one.

China might end up needing Bitcoin badly.  The shadow banking system in China is enormous and nobody really knows for sure what is just smoke and mirrors and what is real.  Seeing and truly understanding how do banks create money in the United States under the Federal Reserve might look tame to China!  That might cause you to SMH, but TBH Bitcoin and Tezos could really come to play.  People even GIF this train of thought on Tiktok and Twitter.

interesting facts about china

China is the largest producer in the world of Bibles.  A single factory in Nanjing prints about one million Bibles per month.

On Sundays in China more people are attending Church than all of Europe.

China is a heavy user of the c-section.  About half of the babies born annually are born via c-section.

Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose ended up as the recipient of blame when it took almost 15 years to release the album Chinese Democracy.  Rose was embattled by lawsuits and various pressures and eventually released the album with a revised lineup that did not include Slash.

Some of the China’s inventions: gunpowder, paper, printing, compass, porcelain, first paper currency, animal zodiac, cast iron, chopsticks, crossbow, toilet paper, collapsible umbrella, fork and many other cool inventions.  Interesting fact about China is that in last three years growth of China’s economy was around 10% per year making China the country with largest world economy. The funny fact is that China was in dispute with WTO (World Trade Organization) because of the extremely low taxes on their exports. However, United States was in the dispute with WTO because of the high taxes on U.S. imports. “We are committed to challenging China’s WTO-inconsistent practices that harm American workers and businesses,” said U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab.

In 2018 China is among the top economies in the world and currently embroiled in a Trade War with the United States.  However, it is difficult to determine exactly the size of China’s economy because over the years so many of the statistics have been flawed and/or inaccurate.  Since 1990, according to China’s statistics, the number of people living in poverty has plummeted from 85% of the population to less than 15% of the population.

More information on the Trade War is available here.  

Huawei Ban And U.S. China Trade War

Huawei is a technology conglomerate from China that is smack right in the middle of the Trade War.  The United States is very concerned about Huawei technology taking over American wireless networks and smartphones.

interesting facts about china

"Trump is strangling the Chinese economy" – Alibaba alone records $30.8 BILLION sales in 24 hours on singles’ day. Amazon recorded a paltry $4 bil in prime day over 36 hrs. Not counting retail and, Alibaba alone sold nearly 3 times Black friday + Cyber Monday in US. from Sino

2019 Chinese stimulus includes tax cuts, however, “Policy makers see the Chinese economy facing bigger downward pressures and an increasingly challenging external environment”. from AusFinance

"Offering substantial tax cuts for individual taxpayers through a higher tax-free threshold and more tax-deductible expenses, the revised regulation and law are expected to help boost domestic spending and consumer confidence at a time when the Chinese economy faces increasing downward pressure" from ChairmanMao

Chengdu, China

Chengdu is well-known for its spicy hot pot and a number of other mouth tingling dishes. Chengdu not only has beautiful all-natural scenery but in addition spectacular historical websites. Therefore, Chengdu gives the ideal combination for a city stay. Chengdu is becoming a critical hub. Chengdu has a lot of Chinese hospitals staffed by Chinese educated doctors that are capable of providing a complete variety of services. Chengdu is also among the most important financial centers and transportation and communication hubs in the nation. Routinely rated among the best areas in Chengdu and it’s affordable.  Chengdu is not yet nearly as expensive as it is to rent in San Francisco or live in Boston for example.

You don’t wish to be stranded in a Chinese station unable to receive your tickets as a result of a mistake in the name or passport number should you not speak the language. You don’t need to get up early to catch the very first bus or metro to work daily. Chengdu airport is additionally a 144-hour transit visa-free airport for foreigners from several countries.

Hostels in Chengdu have a tendency to be quite stylish with loads of added extras, but others have quirky panda-themed decor. In truth, it may be more complicated to locate a restaurant that DOESN’T serve Sichuan hot pot. You can take pleasure in the food from all around the world (there’s a building with all types of restaurants, and it’s about 175m high so that you can take pleasure in the view at the exact same time). You will discover a lot of famous neighborhood snack food at low rates.

For decades, it was one of the nation’s biggest commercial hubs. It’s far preferable to go to the nation and discover for oneself. Wanting to alter the world isn’t a requirement of admission, but it’s a passion many Minerva students share. Top Unless your life is at risk you’ll be asked to cover your treatment before it’s received. Or, wander a number of the surrounding streets to see more customary life than you see in the center of the city center.

Simply ask your Local Host about Shanghai and you’ll be on your way in no moment. In the last three decades, everybody came at the very same time, states Romeo of the luxury brands moving in. The flight time is 1 hour. In addition, there are many places to go to, activities to get involved in, and things to do generally. Or you may choose to pack your things and get enough rest prior to your return journey. Before you forget, you’ll be needing somewhere to stay as you explore China and local travel agency can assist with the cheapest Beijing Accommodation in addition to the best prices in every significant city around China. With a population of over 14 million people, it remains one of the greatest places for anybody to study Chinese language and culture.

The area seems to be in the old portion of the city that was revitalized. The city can be found on a huge syncline valley. At exactly the same time, there’s something bad in regards to the city. The huge city in Midwest Chicago is among the world famous international financial centers, as well as a worldwide transfer station. Jin Li ancient street is just one of the best Chengdu tourist attractions along with various bodies of water in China.

Chengdu Aerospace Company has been engaged in manufacturing parts for Airbus aircraft and maintenance tools. Payments The Western Union Payments service enables you to make a same-day payment in seconds! When many locals may also speak and understand the normal Beijing dialect, it helps to learn a little the neighborhood style.

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