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Interesting Facts About China

China, the new emerging power has been the oldest continuous civilization on Earth, for the last 4000 years. Chinese flag is red which represents the blood spilled during the communist revolution. On the flag there is one large star, representing leadership, and four small stars which represent four social classes: capitalists, bourgeoisie, workers and peasants all united under one Communist Party. Some of the China’s inventions: gunpowder, paper, printing, compass, porcelain, first paper currency, animal zodiac, cast iron, chopsticks, crossbow, toilet paper, collapsible umbrella, fork and many other cool inventions. Interesting fact about China is that in last three years growth of China’s economy was around 10% per year making China the country with largest world economy. The funny fact is that China was in dispute with WTO (World Trade Organization) because of the extremely low taxes on their exports. However, United States was in the dispute with WTO because of the high taxes on U.S. imports. “We are committed to challenging China’s WTO-inconsistent practices that harm American workers and businesses,” said U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab.

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  1. that’s not all that interesting and there is not at all that much facts but its OK i just copied and pasted it anyways but try and get more it good for knowledge
    thanks all my love tonii xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ly x

  2. Chi Le Mei You – “Have you eaten?” is the most traditional Chinese greeting.

    Ice cream was invented in China in 2000 BC, by packing a milk and rice mixture in the snow. Marco Polo took the recipe of Ice Cream and Noodles back with him to Europe.

    Total Land Area of China is 9,596,960 Sq. Kms. It is the fourth largest Country in the World. Shanghai and Beijing are two of the largest and most populous cities in the world.

    At least 14 countries and 4 seas border China

    The population of China according to a July 2006 estimate is1,330,044,544
    . It is officially the most populated country in the world. The Chinese Government has adopted a “one child” policy in an effort to curb the high numbers. Unfortunately this also makes China one of the fastest aging countries .

    The Great Wall of China is also known as the “Ten Thousand Li Wall”, one Li is equal to 500 meters. The wall is over 1500 miles in length.

    The Chinese calendar is based on the Lunar Cycle . It is the oldest known calendar , originating in 2600 BC. It has twelve Zodiac signs. A complete cycle would take 60 years to complete.

  3. all tea originates in china…. for centuries china was the dominant economy in the world … until western colonisation and pilaging of resources made the whites richer ..and slavery made them even richer

  4. Actually China is the worlds most population country and their economical condition is also the same thats why their people are very intelligent on technology and they are creating some many types of interesting things. Yes in our technological markets available maximum 75% electrical items are made in china and those items are very cheap, but long lasting.

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