Caspian Sea Facts

caspian sea map

Known as Qazvin in the ancient times, the Caspian sea is surrounded by southern Russia, Turkmenistan, Northern Iran, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. Its surface area is 371,000 square kilometers and the volume is 78200 cubic kilometers. World\’s 40-44% of the lake water is accounted for by the Caspian Sea. Around 130 rivers are a source of water inflow for the sea and it is due to this inflow that the northern region of the sea acts like a fresh water lake. The Northern region comprises of a couple of islands accounting for a total land area of around 2000 square kilometers. Caspian Sea is often listed as the world\’s largest lake since it is the largest enclosed body of water on Earth. Caspian Sea is rich in oil fields and natural gases which results in great pollution from toxic wastes by countries like Russia and Azerbaijan.

caspian sea map

caspian sea map




The vegetation in the Turkmenistan part of the Caspian shores is deemed impoverished. Due to increased industrial production in the region, pollution has had an influence on the survival of the Caspian seal. Oil is taken from the sea bed utilizing drilling platforms and artificial islands. These days, the gas and oil business is prominent in the region. Measuring Russia’s financial strength The most frequent means of measuring an economy is by viewing its Nominal GDP. Though it was initially able to prevent the international recession due to its partial isolation from the absolutely free worldwide market, recent financial sanctions against Iran by certain nations have affected the nation’s economy.

The southern portion of the sea remains disputed. In Turkic-speaking countries it is called the Khazar Sea. Seas are usually salt water. The Caspian Sea is famous for its biodiversity, Kukral stated. The sea is wholly isolated, there’s no connection to other oceans. In Persian antiquity, together with in modern Iran, it is called the Mazandaran Sea.

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There are 3 distinct areas of the Caspian Sea. The region is full of energy wealth. The present location was built 500 years back, with ruins of the last village located about two kilometers away. An individual could say Oh, the area is cursed! Arguing that the western war machine is a great way to cause peace and justice in Syria is similar to arguing that the gasoline that was used to begin a home fire may also be employed to extinguish it. Our hope is that you’re completely pleased with your BHLDN buy. Not only do a number of the numbers overlap making it hard to read, but the index is additionally a lengthy list that has to be scrolled back and forth causing usability issues.

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