Mount Pelee Facts

mount pelee facts
Mount Pelee after disaster
Mount Pelee after disaster

Where Is Mount Pelee?

Mount Pelee is a volcano located on the French island of Martinique in the Caribbean. It is well known for his destructive past. It was the early morning, May 8th in 1902, when eruption started destroying everything in its path.  This enormous volcanic eruption ended up killing in one day more than 30000 people.  The volcano completely destroyed the city of Saint-Pierre, leaving only two survivors. One them was 25 year old Louis Auguste Cyparis a convicted felon who injured his friend with a glass during the bar fight.  Interestingly, Louis escaped the jail night before the eruption, but he reported himself to the jail the very next morning.  He survived because his dungeon cell had poor ventilation. Later he became a local celebrity. Second survivor was a young girl called Havivra Da Ifrile.

The town of St. Pierre, just seven kilometers from the eruption, was known as the “Paris of the Caribbean”.

mount pelee eruption

She escaped in the the small boat towards the cave where she played with her brother. This is supposedly her statement from 1902: “Just as I got to the main street I saw this boiling stuff burst from the top of the Corkscrew and run down the side of the hill. It followed the road first, but then as the stream got bigger, it ate up the houses on both sides of the road. Then I saw that a boiling red river was coming from another part of the hill and cutting off the escape of the people who were running from their houses. But before I got there I looked back — and the whole side of the mountain which was near the town seemed to open and boil down on the screaming people. I was burned a good deal by the stones and ashes that came flying about the boat, but I got to the cave.” tracks volcanoes and a variety of other interesting facts.  

Mount Pelee facts
Mount Pelee today

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Louis Auguste Cyparis - felon survivor
Louis Auguste Cyparis – felon survivor


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TIL 30,000 people were killed during the 1902 Mount Pelee eruption, because the Governor refused to evacuate until after election day. The right wing government was worried about a possible socialist victory, and refused to let anyone leave until after the election on May 11th. It erupted on May 8th from todayilearned

Rainbow through a white sunshower this Tuesday evening at Anse Couleuvre, Martinique. The black sand beach lies on the Northern coast, in the shadow of the volcanic Mount Pelee. [4032×3024] from EarthPorn

Volcanoes can be extremely dangerous. Monitoring a volcano requires scientists to use of various techniques that could hear and see activity in a volcano. Volcanoes are available in all shapes and sizes. Even though the volcano is still active, it is quite closely monitored and any activity will probably be predicted, thus trekking there is a safe activity, especially when it’s done in the existence of local guides who know the region. Some of the biggest volcanoes on the planet are shield volcanoes. The majority of the eruptions occurred between 3,000 and 4,500 decades ago. The Laki eruption was the 2nd biggest volume eruption in the past 1130 years in Iceland.

Mount Pelee is situated in Martinique in the Caribbean. Taking a look at the West Indies, Mount Pelee is among the most active. Mount Pelee is among the active volcanoes of the Lesser Antilles arc, with over 20 eruptions during the previous 5000 decades.

The area is known as the Sunda Shelf. Regardless of what time of the year you go to the region, you can participate in a few of its fabulous festivals. Throughout volcanic regions of the world, an individual may also encounter geothermal places. Of course the stunning all-natural region of Mount Pelee is the largest attraction for St Pierre tourists. In reality, some people came from away from the city to see the action, even after ash from the eruption started to block roads. The city burnt for many days afterwards.


Martinique is a small island in the Caribbean Sea. Martinique has been considered the second smallest French island in the world after its sister island of Guadeloupe, but it is actually much larger than that, though less than the size of Puerto Rico. The little island of Martinique has an amazing array of natural wonders.

Some of the most prominent natural beauty in the island is found on the island’s southeast coast. The island is also famous for the Caribbean Sea. Martinique is actually located at the edge of the Caribbean Sea and it is surrounded by sand dunes. It is so called because of its isolated position. The tiny island is surrounded by France, which accounts for its nationality.

The Grand-Chef Restaurant on the east side of the island has long been a favorite with locals and tourists alike. The Grand-Chef Restaurant serves cuisine from all over the world. The restaurant serves French, American, British, Mexican, Peruvian, Chinese, and other exotic foods. In fact, the restaurant serves some of the best cuisine in the island.

There are also many hotels in the island with many different rooms in them. These include rooms that are large, medium, and small. The dining room is open for a variety of culinary tastes, for example Japanese and Chinese. A popular place to eat in the restaurants is the “Grand-Chef” on the island.

Many people traveling to the island for vacation are unaware that the island of Martinique is part of France. While the French language is spoken by residents of the island, French is not a written language. The island has three official languages, French, French and Spanish. French is the most commonly spoken language. Other than French, there are also English, German, and German being spoken throughout the island.

In addition to the major tourist attractions like the Grand-Chef Restaurant, there are a variety of small natural wonders on the island of Martinique. For example, the island’s ancient ruins, caves, beaches, and shallow coastal water are of great interest to tourists. The island was inhabited from the beginning of the 21st century and remains so today.

The island of Martinique is a beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea that is just minutes away from Australia and neighboring France. The island is a great place to travel for vacation. It is famous for its vacation rentals, fine food, and good atmosphere.

There were only 3 survivors. In fact, his claim of being the sole survivor isn’t entirely correct. There were just a few survivors from St. Pierre.

Pelee is among the most active volcanoes in the West Indies, and it will probably erupt again. Mount Pelee is due to a typical subduction zone. Mount Pelee is situated in Martinique in the Caribbean. Taking a look at the West Indies, Mount Pelee is among the most active.

Martinique at a glance The French island of Martinique lies in the center of the Caribbean Archipelago and is one of the numerous islands in the vast ocean which make up the group called The Breezy Islands. Martinique is situated in the Caribbean Mount Pelee is the consequence of a subduction zone. Like the majority of the Lesser Antilles, Martinique was constructed by volcanoes.  Martinique in the Caribbean is among them.

To fully grasp how volcanoes are formed, we must know distinctive layers of the earth in the very first location. The volcanoes on a few of these southern Caribbean islands are comparatively young, which always result in a fascinating hiking experience. Despite the fact that it might not be health hazard watching volcano from near, when it isn’t erupting and releasing ash, it can damage people with respiratory troubles. To help imagine this, pretend you’re studying the volcano as soon as the explosion starts, and there’s an airliner over the volcano heading for you at the exact time. The Mt. Pelee volcano was showing signs of erupting for more than a week.

The eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines in 1991 was a disaster and a tragedy for much of the world. The unprecedented ash cloud rained down on the entire world, but for the people of St. Petersburg, Russia it was a chance to escape their problems and concerns about earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. In the city of St. Petersburg there is a natural volcano called Mount Pelee. This volcano is located on the Kolyma River, which starts in the Chita Mountains in the Russian Far East and flows through the Kara Sea before entering the Volga River.

The large crater created by the explosion was left behind, but Mount Pelee has not been touched since the beginning of time. Mount Pelee in the West of St. Petersburg stands ten thousand feet above sea level and consists of nine volcanoes. One of these volcanoes is the largest in the world, Mount Ustyugin, which is located three miles from the summit of Mount Pelee.

The location of Mount Pelee makes it perfect for relaxing and watching volcanoes because the volcano itself is surrounded by water, and the Vostok Tower of the Russian Academy of Sciences can be seen looming over the crater. A number of travelers have traveled to St. Petersburg and the Kolyma River to watch this volcano erupt, and the explosion has been a huge tourist attraction in the region. The main street surrounding the Mount Pelee offers a variety of attractions, and some of them include Pelee’s Cathedral, which is the highest building in the world. The volcano also features a typical Russian style home for rent on the shore of the volcano and people have even built a replica of the Vostok Tower to sit in and admire the view.

It has been said that one day the volcano will collapse and release billions of tons of ash and rocks, which would cause a great amount of damage to the city of St. Petersburg. People in the city of St. Petersburg now face the challenge of dealing with an extended coldand a snow storm, but the eruption of Mount Pelee is an event that will last for months and years. However, the years of hardship, anxiety, and concern may come to an end soon and when this happens there will be a period of relief and celebration as the public gets the opportunity to enjoy the devastation caused by the Mount Pelee eruption.

For the past couple of weeks a total of three eruptions have taken place on Mount Pelee. Two eruptions were milder than the other one and only 25 millimeters of lava spilled into the ocean, which caused no damage or devastation. One year ago in May, the volcano erupted explosively and about 8 million tons of volcanic ash shot into the air.

During the eruption of Mount Pelee two tourists died in the Pacific Ocean and two people were killed by falling debris and trees that were cut down. The eruption of Mount Pelee in the Philippines was not much of a disaster for the residents of St. Petersburg, and in fact the citizens of St. Petersburg, Russia may need to get more familiar with volcanic eruptions as a way to plan for catastrophes in the future. All around the world there are many volcanic and nuclear disasters that are taking place, and this is only going to increase as the earth continues to warm up and the natural volcanoes of the world continue to erupt.

There is nothing that can match the excitement and horror of an eruption in the Pacific Ocean or erupting on the surface of Mount Pelee in the Philippines. As a trip to St. Petersburg, Russia will help to put things in perspective, and those who visit the volcano will have to wonder how much further they will have to travel to experience another eruption of Mount Pelee.

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