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Underground Living

We explored what living underground offers and we found that it is not as bad as it sounds.  Living underground resolves various problems that humans face today such as energy efficiency, comfortable temperature, hideout from extreme temperatures, life without noise, natural shelter from wars, tornadoes and hurricanes.  You may be SMH and feel like these folks are disconnected from the atmosphere, but that is not the case.   You can even still stay connected to the internet and use Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, and all of your favorite things like Youtube.

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Two problems that we stumbled across were flooding and of course lack of sunlight.  Flooding can be solved with water pumps, but it seems that is impossible to penetrate sun rays through the ground.  There is a town in South Australia called Coober Pedy, where people found that living underground can be great alternative for their needs.  There are times when temperatures in Coober Pedy reach an amazing high of 43 degrees Celsius (109 F).  These temperatures are very uncomfortable for a normal human being and can lead to various skin diseases.

It’s certainly less expensive to live underground than it is to try and rent or buy in San Francisco or Boston.  

Opal Stone

The people here try and avoid the sun by living underground during this period.  This area is commonly referred to as the opal capital of the world.  One finds homes, churches and even hotels in the disused shaft mines. The area, as expected, has become a tourist attraction.

coober pedy

Coober Pedy

People travel long distances to come and see this amazing place. The town relies heavily on the income that they get from tourism just as much as they rely on the income that they get from opal mining. The area also boasts of being the only place that has got an underground bar. So for those that love drinking beer you will have an amazing experience drinking it from below. Interestingly there is a underground Serbian Orthodox church in Coober Pedy. Serbian miners built it for their own religions needs.
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Animals That Live Underground

Here are some animals that live underground: Olm, Earthworm, Cave Beetle, Armadillo, Mole, Bilby, Chipmunk, Badger, Cony, and Ant.  More info here.

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There’s not a reason why people find it impossible to live underground, he says, but there are lots of things you’ll be able to put underground first. The very last thing you need to do when you’re homeless is to develop into comfortable. The notion of outside versus inside is an intriguing idea to explore. Being underground, clearly, you have zero idea precisely what the weather is similar to upstairs, so one wouldn’t necessarily know if they were in the coldest city on Earth.  Not everybody loves the notion of underground apartments.

Penetrational homes are made above ground, but are intended to completely exploit the protective abilities of the planet. In reality, an underground homes also likely to be better in terms of being soundproof instead of a regular property. Although some earth-sheltered homes are made completely beneath ground level, many are constructed utilizing a technique referred to as berming. Some rather elaborate homes continue to be constructed using natural caves. A typical centrally air conditioned house in Florida, for example, produces about 6,600 lbs of CO2.

Possibly, in the event that you never depart from your apartment. It is also feasible to reside in a standard apartment. Basement apartments are normally bigger and more reasonably priced than traditional complex units but they also arrive with a couple of concerns. If you’re renting a basement apartment then there are a number of concerns you ought to be mindful of. When searching for your next rental apartment, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and consider what you’re looking for when comparing basement apartments.

Underground living room by NBKxPlayNice (PS4) from 7daystodie

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Underground living areas at the Daqing oilfield in 1960 from maochina

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