Facts About Jupiter

interesting facts about jupiter

Interesting Facts About Jupiter

Jupiter is the Roman god of the sky and thunder, the planet Jupiter technically has no surface as it is entirely made out of gas. Jupiter can be seen without a telescope because of its huge size. The gravitational pull of the planet is so high that anything and everything that passes the planets gets pulled towards it.

interesting facts about jupiter

How Many Moons Does Jupiter Have?

Jupiter has 63 moons and one of them is volcanically active and it is the only moon in the entire solar system to be in such a state. The fastest spinning planet of all, Jupiter has clouds that are up to 50 km thick and the average day on Jupiter lasts around 10 hours. After Venus, Jupiter is the second brightest planet in the Solar System (Venus reflects 70% of sunlight). Mars outshines Jupiter only when approached very close to the Earth.

interesting facts about jupiter

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NASA images of Jupiter from space

Clouds in the northern hemisphere of Jupiter, captured by NASA’s Mission Juno from space

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  1. Jupiter sound video should be bellow the text. We tested facts in all major browser and we can see the video just fine. Let us know your Internet browser so we can check what is wrong. Do you have flash installed?

  2. im brazilian, i just found out this website and i loved it, what a amazing thing to hear, i didnt know jupiter was so intersting ;]

  3. Jupiter has 63 moons and one of them is volcanically active and it is the only moon in the entire universe to be in such a state.

    I think perhaps you ment solar system.

  4. do you eaven know who was zeus? he was greek god!!! not german!!! it’s not eaven close man!! u can’t call yourself an scientest…

  5. since my childhood I was fascinated by how big the universe is, how great are the planets and the unlimited amount of stars and planets and even galaxies that can hold the universe is amazing shapes and colors that nature, or God can give them, but to find this article and to hear the sound emitted by the planet Jupiter just leaves me speechless because I did not think the planet could make a sound, now I understand that there is much to learn and investigate.

  6. I have a question. How the sound can be recorded, when the sound waves are transfered trough the vibrating air? And we all know that, there is no air in space. The sound is really a vibrations in air with different frequency. It’s interesting 🙂

  7. They arn’t actually recording sound waves. They recorded electromagnetic radiation (probably radio waves). That is probably what it would sound like if you got close enough to jupiter with your radio and had it tuned to the right station.

  8. That is way cool… could do with some more interesting facts though as I can’t really sit here for 10 mins listening to it… cool website though! Cheers

  9. hahahhhahhahahahhahhhahahahha thank you so much for the video that doesnt give any new information.. just kidding… it helped a lot

  10. this website is very helpful helped me ace a project on the solar system =] tyvm for all people who made it. the “electromagnetic voices” off the video are a little freaky though….spaces is kinda scary…..sounds like life is out there somewhere and it might NOT be mars.=P jupiter probably has life under all that gas and all those clouds and storms they are probably migget people NO OFFENSE because of all the gravitational pull and theyre probly really like gas well thanks yall for this article on jupiter

  11. Wouldn’t it be funny if the noise you heard was actually the electromagnetic resonance of the computer systems on board Voyager. Of course they specially designed the spacecraft to detect them so I doubt it. Those NASA engineers are amazing people. To bad Obama cut NASA’s budget. Pretty dumb move on his part. Or should i say one of his dumb moves.

  12. Wow…it’s eerie, but amazing. The sound itself is almost haunting. And the information is rather interesting. Jupiter speaks…just wow. Amazing site you have here.

  13. Zeus is from Greece, not Germany, leader of the Greek gods – Apollo, Aphrodite, Diana, Hephaestus, Athena and so on. Wotan or Odin was the leader of the Germanic gods – Freya, Thor, Loki and so on.

  14. can anyone list the names of Jupiter’s moons? And also, that video must be a hoax for two reasons; one, it sounds too much like musical instruments and two, sound can’t travel through space

  15. how cum u guyz have to be mean to the ppl who made this and the ones with positive attitudes will go places in life…..

  16. Great site! Really helping me with a project I’m doing in school! Thank you to the person or people who made this site! I can’t thank you enough! Well, I hope you people have a wonderful life! As for the haters… Well, I think we can all agree they just don’t have anything better to do than to say dumb things about an awesome and helpful site. Thanks again!

  17. that is awesome and by the way “pie” stop postinf hi and dumb things like that this is a science info. website………… this is to the writer: how did you get this video it sounds super fake and i think so cuz it sounds alot like musical instuments and cuz sound can’t travel through space but the fact above the video was helpful evn though i already knew that i wasnt sure how to put in words so thanks

  18. This was very helpful
    I like this website
    Everything was simple enough for my 9 year old son to finish up his school project by himself
    Thank you!!

  19. Oh, I love all of these. However, I really love the pink rbbion in the first one; you are an artist at heart I can tell from your composition.The one that made me laugh was the 12:30 pm with the dogs. One looking longingly over (or maybe it’s through) the fence and the other staring at you as if to ask you ARE letting us out, right? And after our Sept wind storm I have full sympathies for now power and dead camera batteries.Debs last blog post..

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