5 Interesting Facts About Scooters

facts about scooters
  1. Though the type you see riding on the ground are perhaps the most familiar, there are actually three broad types of vehicle scooters: ground, air, and water.
  2. The new wave of scooters are generally in the Motorized Scooter camp, using a platform for the rider to stand and powered by a small engine.
  3. These new self controlled and independent scooters started appearing in major cities in 2017 and especially 2018.
  4. Scooter Sharing Companies at one point generated hype in excess of that of ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft, but that has subsided somewhat in 2019. Nonetheless, the market for sharing scooters is growing.
  5. Dictionary.com states the word “scooter” was first recorded in the 1800-1810 time frame.

The growth and proliferation of scooters has even dawned a new side hustle to retrieve and recharge the scooters – the freelance juicer. In addition to scooters, there are all sorts of changes and in new technologies in the world of transportation such as Uber and self driving electric delivery trucks. Self driving cars are also emerging with folks like Elon Musk pushing this. Long past the days of the Tesla Coil, the world now has deep learning, computer vision, facial recognition, artificial intelligence and a lot more than can make you SMH. Check the GIF on Twitter, Tiktok, or Youtube for validation.

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