Why Does Critical Infrastructure Need Protection

Why Does Critical Infrastructure Need Protection

Technology has brought the world together, and people have used its power to shape the world to better suit everyone’s lives. From basic aqueducts to improved farming methods, a lot of things have heavily influenced people’s lives. But why does critical infrastructure need protection if it is so useful?

Vital Infrastructure

Virtually all the benefits that society has had comes from key industries and sectors of the country. These amazing benefits include things such as the internet and vast fields of food, along with all of the water systems that allow for life, and all of them are what the government deems important to successful living.

People Rely On Infrastructure

It isn’t just the government who decides these things; everyone relies on these services every day. Without clean water or good food, thousands to millions of people would die very quickly. The economy and industrial sector of the country are just as important, and millions of people need them to work at all times of the day. That is why the government protects them and the other dozen or so critical infrastructure sectors. By doing so, they ensure that everyone who counts on these systems has access to them.


The risks that the government much watch out for include the simplest of failures. A crack in a dam because of improper maintenance can cause a lot of damage and hurt a lot of people. That is why there is a lot of focus on protecting these infrastructures so catastrophic accidents do not happen.


Sadly, not everyone cares for the lives that these systems work to protect. There are countless numbers of people in the world who want to attack these key systems for their own gain. Some, such as terrorists, do so for political statements, and others do it for personal or financial gain. Whatever their reasons, these systems need protection from people like this.

There are the most basic answers to the question, “Why does critical infrastructure need protection?” Considering that so many people use them and all of the potential risks surrounding them, not protecting them would be a massive and dangerous mistake.

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