Facts About Saturn

How Many Moons Does Saturn Have?

What Color Is Saturn?

how many moons does saturn have

Above you can hear sound of Saturn recorded by NASA Cassini spacecraft. The density of Saturn is around 0.687 grams per cubic centimeter. Its density is so low that if it is kept on a water body, it would actually float on it. The speed with which Saturn completes one rotation is so high that it ends up flattening itself. It has 60 moons and in the ancient times the rings were thought to have been the moons of the planet. Saturn has no solid surface and the day is only 10 hours and 35 minutes long.

Interesting Facts About Saturn

what color is saturn

what color is saturn

It takes almost 30 years for the planet to complete one revolution around the sun and during these 30 years there are times when the rings around the planet seem to have been disappeared. Saturn in Horoscope represents hard work and discipline. There are theories that Saturn is astrologically powerful planet and it is used as advertising tool for many corporations like: Nike (that Nike logo represents Saturn’s ring), cars, oil companies etc. Planet was named after the Roman god of agriculture Saturn. God Saturn was father of: Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Ceres. Day Saturday was also named after the Roman God Saturn. Saturn is the one of the five planets that are visible from the Earth with the naked eye (to see the actual rings you will have to find yourself a decent telescope).


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This is my best picture of Saturn, taken from my backyard. Merry Christmas Everyone! from space

Saturn from July 1 from astrophotography

An amazing high resolution image of Saturn taken by NASA’s space probe Cassini. from space


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