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Boredom Meaning

“the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest”

Boredom is that state of mind where the person is likely to experience a large amount of discontent as well as disinterest. There are very few things which are likely to pique the interest or curiosity of the person and create some kind of excitement when he is going through the stage of experiencing boredom. A lot of scientists are conducting research and analysis into the state of mind of the person and the activity which takes place inside the brain when he is undergoing, the state of boredom.  The latest hypothesis in the field indicates the presence of a dopamine receptor which will decide the exact amount of stimulation which will be required for a normal individual. Some people have neurons which have a smaller amount of D2 receptors. The curiosity levels in these people will be extremely high. The deficiency of these D2 receptors in people is a genetic condition.  These people have to take a lot more effort to generate the required amount of dopamine.

boredom meaning

Boredom can be classified into two main categories namely situational boredom and chronic boredom. Situational boredom is when a person experiences boredom on encountering a certain specific situation or series of events. Such situations could include when a person gets bored while reading a specific book or watching a certain movie or listening to a lecture in a hall or a classroom. Chronic boredom is a state of mind which will be experienced most of the time irrespective of the time and the place.  This state of mind can prove to be dangerous and fatal to the person who is undergoing this specific condition.  People who are suffering from chronic boredom will even get bored with people who are a permanent part of their lives like a spouse, parents or even children.

boredom meaning

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  1. I respect the detail in physiolgy studies , but I believe firmly that thought comes before chemicals ! Therefore the studies in evolutionary physchology throws weight behind my saying that you are what you think ! The legendary book FINDING YOUR OWN NORTH STAR , throws light on this subject stating that boredom is a call from the brain to your conscious , to get cracking in finding an answer to a specific problem/s . Interesting fact is that extremel poor people and very wealthy people share the same psychology , different blueprint eg: Boredom for the poor cant think their way out of their problem (money, give up bored)Boredom for the wealthy cant think their way out of their problem (too much money , done everything bored.) So both give up and sit idle by waiting for the answer ! Evolutionary psychology is an interesting study !!!

  2. A gain that is good point but
    I think the Boredom it’s state of mind and it’s from peoples’ who are saying (I) instead of (we).

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