5 Interesting Facts About The Golden State Warriors

golden state warriors fun facts for kids

5 Interesting Facts about the Golden State Warriors

Basketball geek or not, you’d benefit from learning the following interesting facts about the Golden State Warriors. After all, they are among the oldest NBA basketball teams still in existence.

  1. The Golden State Warriors have represented pretty much the entirety of California. In fact, when the team was started, it was called the Philadelphia Warriors as they were then located in Philadelphia. After this, they moved homes to San Francisco and were known as San Francisco Warriors before finally being called the Golden State Warriors from 1971.  The Warriors are up in Norcal as the LA Lakers and the Hollywood glamour reside in Southern California. TBH – Laker fans jumped to the Warriors for a while and vice versa.
  2. The Warriors have no official mascot.
  3. The team won its first NBA title in 1947, even before the NBA was officially formed.
  4. The Golden State Warriors suffered a long period of drought between1994-2006. They failed to qualify for the playoffs for twelve seasons consecutively during this time. Things really turned for the better and players, coaches and fans understood HIFW they get a championship. FOMO was in the atmosphere and the Warriors won the NBA Championship in 2015, 2017, and 2018.
  5. Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors wears a jersey with #35 to honor his first basketball coach, Charles Craig. Craig was murdered at age 35. Durant wears jersey #35 to commemorate his mentor’s life and the contributions he made for the NBA player. Perhaps he even lives vicariously through his spirit as well. You can catch up on more on that with a 4K HDR video on Youtube or by checking Durant’s Twitter or Tiktok.

Brush up on these quick facts about the Golden State Warriors, and you’re sure to win admiration from your friends and peers at the next NBA watch party you attend. Now, who wouldn’t like some generous praise and admiration?

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