5 Interesting Facts About The Minnesota Vikings

minnesota vikings fun facts for kids

5 Interesting Facts about Minnesota Vikings

  1. They were founded as a National Football League in 1960. However, they played their first game in 1961. They currently compete in the National Football Conference (North Division). They have in total played four seasons where they made it to the Super Bowl in 1970, 1974, 1975 and 1977.  Vikings fans HIFW they ever get back! SMH, to only live vicariously through a fan sitting inside the stadium during the Super Bowl.
  2. Vikings first winning game in the 1961 season as well. Their first win came against Chicago Bears, who they beat 37 -13.
  3. The Vikings defense was so strong at one point that they were known as the Purple People Eaters. It led to them winning the National Football League Championship in 1969. The bone crushing hits they put on opposing players were NSFW, if we are TBH. Check the GIF and MEME on Twitter and Tiktok.
  4. Their founders chose the name Vikings to reflect the central role Minnesota has played in the Scandinavian culture that Modern day America has currently adopted. Their Logo of the Norseman is also reflective of this belief.
  5. Fans of Vikings often scream Skol to cheer for their team. This word has a Scandinavian origin and means a glass of beer that is shared between friends. Essentially it is a way of saying, “Cheers!”. 

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