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Insects in your Chocolate

Did you know that the average chocolate bar in the U.S. contains at least 8 pieces of an insect in it? Harvesting of the cacao beans occurs in the tropical countries of South America with low sanitation levels. Cacao tree beans are cut and piled in the farmer's field where they ferment for 6 days. During this process, children and adults walk over the piles; insects, rodents, small animals and other living things that make their nests in the piles. Actually the The U. S. Department of Health publishes a book entitled "The Food Defect Action Levels" in which they list unavoidable defects in food (insect, rodents etc.) all allowed by FDA.

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We talked about this in church today so I decided to look it up. EWWW! Celeste was right!
Savvy at 02:47PM, Jan 18th 2015.
this is sooo gross! I love chocolate and we talked about this in church today so I decided yo look it up and so now I am like so totally regretting it!!! XP yuck!
Alexia at 09:47PM, May 18th 2014.
This is so true

lala at 08:22PM, Oct 2nd 2013.
A case of what you don't know about can't hurt you. Unless you are allergic to bug parts.
Jefferey at 08:46AM, May 13th 2013.
Ok Well Long As Humans Have Lived We eat Birds Fish Turkey Dogs Cats Spiders And Ourselfs We Drink Things From Anamals Bladders Milk But We Never Give It A Second Thought.. The FDA Allows A Certian Amount Of Bug Parts And Anamal Waste To Be Allowed In The Foods We Consume Considered To Be Totally Harmless To The Majority Of People.

Sounds Rude Dont It?

But Dig Deeper Into Google You Be Amazed Whats In Food

IsThatSo at 12:28PM, Jun 20th 2012.
are you kidding me? this is not true! people are so gullible...
unknown at 05:28PM, Apr 4th 2012.
damn no more chocolate syrup on my bitches #getem
jenkins24 at 01:38PM, Apr 4th 2012.
jes at 11:16AM, Feb 15th 2012.
this is stupid, just cus when companies retrieve the chocolate, they'll roast it, heat the chocolate anyway to shape them and have fillings in them... -____-
nom-nom at 07:09PM, Feb 10th 2012.
"the average chocolate bar in the U.S. contains at least 8 pieces of an insect in it"
Thanks God I don't live in the US and don't eat american chocolate))))
Unknown at 01:00AM, Dec 21st 2011.
That is very gross and disturbing to know because I just ate a piece of chocolate today.
Marina at 09:43PM, Oct 20th 2011.
At least I freeze my chocolate... :)
Anagramba at 11:19AM, Oct 16th 2011.
ALAHARI VENKATA RAJEEV at 03:58PM, Aug 4th 2011.
wow!!! insects r tasty
ashley at 09:47AM, Dec 28th 2010.
How unappetizingly horrendous
Cervellone at 02:45PM, Nov 24th 2010.
dis is making me feel sick

ohhhhhhhhhhh ****
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that's gross
Mayra at 07:04PM, Aug 10th 2010.
alien at 02:18PM, Mar 17th 2010.
that is gross¡¡¡¡¡¡

im not going to eat chocolates again

oh no, im hungry, an idea¡¡¡¡ imgoin to eat a delicious chocolate

cesar at 08:19PM, Mar 9th 2010.
That'sss...,gross and unbelieveble..
Pioner at 01:00AM, Dec 29th 2009.
Eeeww, Now Chocolate Is Ruined 4 Me XP
Angie at 09:49PM, Nov 30th 2009.
Oh, god. I'm never eating chocolate again!
Palak at 11:39AM, Sep 12th 2009.
Doesn't sounds good to me :D I love chocolate
Darren at 12:42PM, Sep 5th 2009.
Did you have to post this fact? Now Im going to have problems eating chocolate; try washing it; I'll probably melt it and boil it and freeze it again. lolz =]
Dave at 08:49PM, May 5th 2009.

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