Farting Contest in Japan

japanese fart wars

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In ancient Japan, public contests were held to see who in a town could fart the loudest and longest – not exactly the most dignified activity ever witnessed in Asia.  Winners received many prizes and great recognition in their villages. Today some groups tried to revive the old farting sport. It is nice to see that some traditions are not lost.

Farting, or flatulence, like yawning is a natural and uncontrollable bodily function in many cases.  Anyone with a canine pet knows that facts about dogs include their propensity to fart. 

There are images of these legendary fart battles found here.  

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19 Comments on “Farting Contest in Japan”

  1. the only problem was mike scott stood up to the farting post with 60 thousand people watching,he was straining but alas he shit his pants and lost the contest to dan the boomer.

  2. thanks to you guys and girls from japan for all the laughs as life is full of upsets and with your funny shit its all worth while.dan the boomer and lord michael p scott esquire canada.we love you all japan and paul f little the usa.

  3. these guys are nothing compared to dan the boomer from england and lord michael scott from canada who beat dan the boomer with a triple flutter blast with a follow up flooper.

  4. i spelt bloe wrong

    im really stupid so fart your way to the moon
    my real name is !@#$%&*

    sorry we are experancing tecnal difacltys

  5. Thanks to you guys and girls from Japan for all the laughs as life is full of upsets and with your funny shirt its all worth while.Laughing is really best for mind.We love you all Japan.

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