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Facts About Jimmy Carter

The First President to be born in a hospital, a student of Nuclear physics and a speed reader who can read almost 2000 words a minute, Jimmy Carter once panned for Gold too. At the age of five he was punished by his father for stealing from the collection plate at a church, a penny. The draft resisters that belong to the Vietnam War were also pardoned by him. Before he entered the world of politics, Jimmy Carter used to ride motorcycles. Jimmy Carter is said to be the first President whose mother was sent on a diplomatic mission. After his father's death, he ran very successfully his family's peanut farm. Jimmy Carter received 2002 Nobel Peace Prize in the Oslo, Norway. Jimmy Carter said about Iraq war: "I thought then, and I think now, that the invasion of Iraq was unnecessary and unjust. And I think the premises on which it was launched were false."

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u should get more facts. this is not enough. I have to do a report on this guy. next time I will go to the online encyclopedia. sorry, but I need more info!
captainthedogisawesomesoami at 09:54PM, Feb 23rd 2015.
Aaron Bartold
that was a very helpful fact
Aaron Bartold at 12:23PM, May 20th 2013.
lily holk
ok i am researching jimmy carter and i need more than this so i suggest you get more thanks
lily holk at 08:13PM, Nov 5th 2012.
some facts.......should be there these are only informaton
vijeta at 08:50AM, May 5th 2012.
I think that you should put some facts about life before presidency that our interesting about him too :)
Raegan at 08:20PM, Apr 16th 2012.
Samantha Winters(:
I am researching this president for my school project.But i need more information.But this is a lot of interesting facts.Thanks! :D
Samantha Winters(: at 05:28PM, Apr 6th 2011.
a student of Nuclear physics and a speed reader who can read almost 2000 words a minute

So how do you go from this to a chimp as President? (George Bush Jnr)?
Someone at 06:59PM, May 25th 2010.
Good old Jimmy Carter, I love the things he stands up for
Alla at 11:45AM, Jan 13th 2010.
i have your presadent in school that is cool
olivia at 05:33PM, Jan 5th 2010.

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