Facts About France

interesting facts about france

Interesting Facts About France

Paris, the capital city of the country France is celebrated most for the Eiffel Tower, Napoleon’s tomb and Notre Dame. This city is also known as the world’s fashion capital. The very popular Statue of Liberty was created in France, and gifted to the United States of America. The face of the statue is sculpted similar to the face of Isabella Eugenie Boyer, wife of the manufacturer of the Parisian sewing machine, Isaac Singer.

The official language in France, French was also the official language of England for more than 300 years.  The history and heritage goes back a long ways just like it does with Asia.  The 1st of April originated as the fools day from France. When the country switched over to the Gregorian calendar people unaware of the change considered 1st April as the New Year’s Day. From that day onwards the fool’s day originated to mock them.

interesting facts about france

Eiffel Tower Paris

The Eiffel Tower is among the grandest structures on the planet. It was originally intended to be built in Barcelona, not Paris. It is among the most beautiful buildings in all of the world. It is arguably one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. It must be one of the most iconic pieces of architecture ever known. It is one of the most recognized buildings in the world. Remember that it was not intended to be permanent.

The city is just one of the most beautiful and intriguing cities in Europe. After all, it is synonymous with romance. It is one of the most polluted tourist destinations in the world. It will definitely grow on you. It is one of Delta’s hubs so you can always expect non-stop flights from just about anywhere in the US.

If you go to the tower at night you’ll also enjoy a wonderful display of the Eiffel tower lights. While the tower is definitely unique, we need to agree that up close, it’s a little underwhelming. As mentioned before, the Eiffel Tower is part of Paris. It is a piece of beauty.  Furthermore, it is also one of the most recognized structures in the world and a popular tourist attraction.

French Open Tennis

The French Open is a major global tennis tournament that takes place every year in late May and June.  The French Open is one of four Grand Slam tennis championships and considered one of the most prestigious tennis events in the world.  it takes place at Stade Roland Garros in Paris.  The other three parts of the Grand Slam are the Australian Open, Wimbledon, and U.S. Open.

interesting facts about france

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  1. “Paris, the capital city of the country France” deserves to have a comma after. Also, where are your sources? Please cite. I’m aware that many people are not raised around English speakers, which is the excuse most people use for their mistakes, but if one is to learn a language, at least be committed to learning it well. Those who have published works must cite their sources and the least you could have done was read it through or run it through a spell checker.

  2. Unfortunately the fact that the English spoke French for 300 years is not correct. Following defeat in battle to the French in 1066 many noble men came to England from France, they were given positions of status and obviously spoke French, however, the vast majority of English people continued to speak the variation of English in use at the time, commonly referred to as Middle English.

  3. well i have been to france and it is soo awesome i want to live there but Australia you can not bet. there is so much to see in france the Eiffle tower and my friend wants to learn french but has to change skools. did you know french is spoken in more tha 40 countries. My sister hates france there are too many people she says!??????
    well i have a french boyfriend he is hot i love himi do noy understand him that is why i hate french i can not understand then at least i have a french teacher that is soo good i love her? she tort me in year 2 to year 12 along time and i did a test AND GOT 100 RIGHT AND NONE WRONG NOW i am rich because of her she is the best i gave her 1 million dollars last year and now i live in franch and i the richest person in franch hahahahahahahhahaha suck everyone. who want 22222 millon dollars?????

  4. Actually the statue of liberty is the likeness of the Roman goddess Libertas. Nice site but there is a lot of junk (wrong facts) as well.

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