Mike: The Headless Chicken

Miracles happen. For a five and half months old rooster, there would not really be many ways to gather dust and fame in our world. But on the 10th of September 1945, destiny had a certain way with Mike. Using a sharp axe, farmer Lloyd Olsen decided on preparing Mike for the night’s supper. However, bringing the tool down did chop off the rooster, but did not prepare it for Mr. Olsen’s kitchen, as the rooster, did not seem to mind the incident for more than a while, and went around pecking for food headless. Most of a chicken’s reflex actions are controlled by the brain stem. Purely by freakish accident of the nature Mike’s half of the brain stem and one ear remained intact. Mike received food and water through a eyedropper. Hence, was born the ordeal and legend of a headless rooster. Mike not only lived on for another eighteen months, but also went on to a healthy 8lbs from an initial 2lbs. The rooster won a place in the Guinness book of records, priced itself at $10,000, insured at another $10,000 and brought himself a manager as he tagged off to a tour to New York, LA and Atlantic City. Unfortunately it was at the end of one of these tours, when Mike passed away, leaving behind a legacy of remembrance and respect for Mike’s will for survival.

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19 Comments on “Mike: The Headless Chicken”

  1. He went around pecking for food? hahahaha

    That is pretty sad though, 18 months without a head? I’m not envious, lol

  2. Hey I got a chicken story too,my mom had a one legged chicken. The dog that ate it died from choking on one of its bones! Chickens got if rough. . .

  3. I think that is simply amazing how any creature can live 18 months with out a head. Poor Mike the chicken though he must’ve been bumping into all sorts of things not being able to see where he was going and all.

  4. Kind of incredible if you think about it..
    18 months with no head.. NO human could do that.
    Yes, poor chicken.. but wow..

  5. Poor chicken! How was that possible? It must have been a sad 18mos for him not to be able to crow!!!!! T_T

  6. Bob, how did the chicken get owned?
    It survived it’s head getting cut off… Don’t you think it would be the other way around and the guy got owned?

  7. well thats one way to keep your food fresh! Wonder what the head was doing for 18 months though, probably got really jealous of the body’s celebrity status.

  8. STRANGE! ! ! ! ! !
    how that mike can live without his head?
    this fact is really very intresting as well as too much shocking.

    i am very impressed by this website & as a student every child should learn something intresting from this site.

  9. Wow Martin, you are very impressive with your st*rs and **** talking…
    I think you still have some growing up to do, until then keep trying to act cool, it might work for you ONE day.

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