The Hadza People Facts

Hadza People

What we can learn from the tribe that didn’t change their hunter-gatherer existence for more than 10000 years?  Living around the Lake Eyasi in Central Tanzania, The Hadza people are testimony to some of the oldest living tribal hunting gathering ways. With a population well under one thousand, the Hadza people have never known cultivation or settled live stock breeding.  Not to forget those ten thousand years of their being which passed without the use of any calendar at all.

Hadza Tribe

Observing the hunter gatherer tribes of Africa one could mark the Hadza as the last of active hunting gathering tribes. This isolated tribe is spread over four distinct zones. West of south Lake Eyasi, an area between the span of Lake Eyasi and the Yaeda Valley swamp, in the Mbulu Highlands, and close to the town of Mang\’ola. By the observing the DNA, one could not relate the Hadza with any generally known pool or tribe other than the Pygmies. Their spoken language is mostly composed of clicks, which could give them an East African link with the Khoisan tribes. This shows a complete isolation of the Hadza language, traditionally and technically both.

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