When Does March Madness Start?

when does march madness start

when does march madness start

When Does March Madness Start?

That is a very interesting question with an answer depending on the perspective one chooses to take“March Madness” in general is the thrilling and exciting happenings in college basketball in the United States throughout the month of March.  Most people connect March Madness specifically to the men’s NCAA tournament consisting of 64 teams.  Folks wager and fill out brackets trying to pick all of the winners.

when does march madness start

However, there are women’s tournaments and the conference tournaments as well.  These can overlap into March so technically they are producing events of madness inside the month of March.  There is the Pac 12 Tournament, the Big East Tournament, the SEC Tournament, the Big 12 Tournament, and so many more college games in March.

It is safe to say that March Madness starts at the beginning of March and goes through into April technically.  The Final Four is generally in the first few days of April.

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