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The Blue Hole is located just off of the coast of Belize, near the Ambergris Caye. The Blue Hole began as a limestone cave in our last Ice Age. After ages of erosion the cave collapsed leaving the scenic beauty we see today – SMH!

The Blue Hole is almost perfectly circular reaching 300m (1000ft) across and 120m (400ft) deep. The blue cave is perfect spot for all divers because of its beauty and geological history.  One can only imagine HIFW diving down that hole and capturing images that could become incredible MEME or GIF on Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok

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What Is At The Bottom Of The Blue Hole In Belize?

It turns out what is at the bottom is both intriguing and simple:  tracks.  These are not tracks of some mysterious monster.  They are tracks of life objects struggling to survive because the water at the bottom is anoxic – it contains zero oxygen. 

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blue hole belize

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A recommended means to experience Belize’s cultures is via Belizean cuisine. Belize has long been a favorite diving destination, on account of the barrier reef and the famed blue hole. If you ever accidentally end up in Belize, do not miss the opportunity to go to the Great Blue Hole, among the most beautiful all-natural wonders of earth. Men and women in Belize think it ought to be one of the seven wonders of earth. Due to its amazing reefs and organic beauty, Belize as a whole is just one of my favored diving destinations on Earth!

Belize does not permit drones. Belize is a melting pot of cultures and based on where you’re in the nation, you will notice distinctive cultures and hear various languages. ATOLL DIVING Belize delivers a number of the very best diving on the planet.

If you take a look towards the middle of the hole, in the deep blue, you could become disoriented and even begin feeling the consequences of vertigo. For tourist that are staying in Belize City, pick are available based on the location. You’d have to set five or more locations on this list!”

The hole can be found in the center of the Belize Barrier Reef, the 2nd largest reef system on the planet. The Dahab Blue Hole is among the most well-known and best dive sites in the entire World! Now, the Blue Hole is not just a favorite haunt for the divers but likewise the reef surrounding it is home to several distinctive fishes and several other marine creatures. The Belize Blue Hole isn’t only the most unique area in the Earth, but is also the only blue hole that may be understood from space. The Belize Blue Hole, also called the Great Blue Hole, is among the most iconic dive spots in the nation.

The blue hole isn’t a scary dive. It is a popular diving site which is actually a submarine sinkhole. The Great Blue Hole is a massive submarine sinkhole. It remains one of the top attractions in Belize. Every year, more than 200,000 people come to see the Great Blue Hole of Belize from all around the world.

All dives are finished in the ocean. For the less experienced, if you’re worried about the dive, talk to the dive masters or the folks in the shops before going. Be certain to take the steps essential to remove as much possible causes of stress and you will surely have a better dive. The full dive is not going to last over 30 minutes. What an ideal dive and a fabulous moment.

The Great Barrier Reef has long been known among the all-natural wonders of the planet. The reef around the border of the hole is just a couple feet under the surface and full of anemones, starlet and club finger corals a fantastic place to snorkel. Considering that the Belize Barrier Reef the 2nd biggest reef barrier on earth is found in the nation.

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  1. more of a question than a comment

    Do you need some sort of a permit to be allowed to swim in this blue beauty? How many people visit each year?

  2. I like how they call this “The Blue Hole” as if its the only one on the planet…false. There is a blue hole not 10 miles from where I sit, in The Bahamas. If you want breathtaking, come have a look at ours, and we have many spread out throughout the islands. I’m sure most people know this isnt the only blue hole but just thought I’d let those who didnt know, there are others.


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  5. It is absolutely not the only blue hole in the World, but one of the most well known and geologically interesting. I would recommend it 10 thousands times over!!! Que Viva Belizeeee!

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