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Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly was invented by Charles B. Darrow during the Depression in the 1934 and at first it was rejected by Parker Brothers due to “52 design errors”! Streets in Monopoly are taken from Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Game was very popular in Cuba until Fidel Castro took power and burned all the Monopoly sets.  Standard Monopoly bank starts with $15,140 and it is estimated that Monopoly has been sold 250 million times through out the world.

monopoly board game

How to Win At Monopoly and Lose All Your Friends from gaming

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  1. AJB wrote:
    Err… I tought the original monopoly used British street names?

    Wrong! The British version uising London streets came a long time afterwards – The game board itself was invented by Charles Todd, and copied by Darrow who then filed the patent and sold the game to Parker.

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