List of Common Adjectives Beginning with Letter Q

Common Adjectives

If you thought the letter Q was rarely used and thus its significance was over-looked, we hope this list of adjectives starting with Q will change your mind. You’ll see, there are actually quite some Q adjectives in the English language and some of them even play a vital role in formal writing and daily conversations. This letter is often neglected or skipped over, yet you can utilize adjectives that start with the letter Q to describe lots of things, like person, event, place, personalities and even more.

Now let’s dive into this list of most common adjectives that start with Q. Check for yourself how many of them are well recognized to you already.

  1. Quadrate – having four angles and sides; square; even; balanced; equal; exact; suited; correspondent; squared.
  2. Qabalistic – cryptic messages or symbols; something that has a hidden meaning
  3. Quadruplicate – raised to the fourth power; having four components or units; fourfold.
  4. Quack – medical practitioners who don’t know what they’re doing; unconventional medical treatments not likely to work
  5. Quaint – unusual, curious or fanciful in character; artful; attractively old-fashioned; cleverly made; wise.
  6. Quadrangular – a building or structure with four sides
  7. Qualified – having or showing appropriate or needed qualifications; fitted by accomplishments.
  8. Quadraphonic – a four-channel sound system with speakers placed in all four corners of a room or other area; precursor to modern surround sound
  9. Quemeful – merciful, showing kindness to others
  10. Qualitative – relating to or involving descriptions, distinctions or comparisons based on qualities.
  11. Quadratic – a mathematical term that involves calculating the square of a variable
  12. Qualitied – endowed or fitted with qualities.
  13. Quadrilateral – a one-dimensional shape that has four sides, each of which is straight
  14. Quenched – having satisfied one’s thirst
  15. Quality – having high or superior degree or grade in excellence; very well made; being of good worth; fit for purpose.
  16. Quadruped – descriptive term for an animal with four feet
  17. Quantifiable – capable of being quantified or measured; measurable.
  18. Quadruple – an increase by four times; a fourfold in size, quantity or other measure
  19. Questionable – likely to be inaccurate or of poor quality
  20. Queenly – relating or appropriate to a queen; having or resembling the rank or status of queen; majestic; regal; distinguished (especially woman).
  21. Quadruplex – having four units, such as a building that is divided into four separate apartment units
  22. Quemeful – merciful; kindly; pleasing; becoming; fit.
  23. Quadruplicate – having four identical parts or copies
  24. Quick – moving rapidly or quickly; speedy; performed or accomplished with little or no delay; learning, understanding or thinking with speed; keen; witty; easily excited or aroused; alive; living.
  25. Queen-size – size descriptor, such as for plus-size pantyhose or a bed that is a side down from king-size
  26. Quaggy – descriptive term for land that is boggy or marshlike
  27. Quick-sighted – keenly perceptive; having acute ability to judge well.
  28. Quaint – unusual or old-fashioned in a pleasing way
  29. Quick-witted – mentally sharp, nimble and alert; keen.
  30. Qualitative – subjective measure of quality (as opposed to quantity)
  31. Quiet – unmoving and calm; tranquil; serene; soothing; restful.
  32. Quietsome – calm and still; undisturbed.
  33. Quarantined – isolated from others
  34. Quintessential – purest; ultimate; most characteristic.
  35. Quarrelsome – inclined or ready to quarrel
  36. Quirky – merry; tricky; unconventional.
  37. Quarterly – occurring every quarter of the year
  38. Quiver – active; nimble.
  39. Queer – differing from what is usual or ordinary, odd, singular; slang term sometimes used to refer to homosexuals
  40. Quasi – closely resembling something without being the same
  41. Quaternary – being made up of four units; being part of a numeric system that has a base of four
  42. Quixotic – absurdly chivalric; extravagantly romantic.
  43. Queasy – affected with nausea; nauseated
  44. Quotable – worthy or suitable for quoting.
  45. Queenlike – demeanor, adornment or treatment befitting a queen

Q is indeed a demanding letter in English, because as you may know it can seldom stand at the start of a word without its pal U. Probably that’s why the list is limited. However, feel free to take a few of these in your back pocket so that you can add some passion to your quips whenever you want.

Now I believe you have realized Q adjectives are useful for more than just a winning Scrabble score. They can be used in wide areas and truly helpful in essay writing, greeting cards, social media post, etc.

Although this list of adjectives starting with Q is not very long, there are some really fascinating and useful words, such as quick, quiet, qualified, and quaint. We hope you enjoyed these adjectives beginning with Q and will share these Q adjectives with friends and family who may need them.

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