What To Consider Before Renting a Portable Restroom

What To Consider Before Renting a Portable Restroom

Construction sites and public events often need to acquire portable restroom trailers to provide places for employees and guests to relieve themselves while maintaining hygiene standards. Preventing the spread of bacteria and disease is especially important due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, before you buy the first trailer you see, read about what to consider before renting a portable restroom.

What Features Does It Include?

When most people think of portable restrooms, they think of the cheap rectangles that appear closer to a hole than a toilet. These days, you can do so much better by investing in portable restrooms that are more effective and pleasant for everyone involved. When looking for portable restrooms, you should endeavor to find trailers that include sinks and running water. This will vastly increase the standards of sanitation. Far fewer germs will spread around the area and transfer between others if they have a chance to wash their hands.

How Do You Clean It?

Another important aspect to consider before renting a portable restroom is how you can clean them. Ensuring you have all the right supplies and expertise to keep these trailers clean will make the process go a lot smoother. This holds true whether you’re doing simple maintenance or pumping and cleaning out the tanks. If you don’t keep the trailers spotless, you may as well refrain from investing in portable restrooms altogether. Nothing is more off-putting than a filthy bathroom, and the people who use your portable restrooms will try to avoid them at all costs, rendering them useless.

How Many Do You Need?

The size of your workforce or projected guest count is another aspect to take into consideration. While plastic port-a-potties may be easy to line into long rows, restroom trailers come with multiple stalls as needed. Providing enough restrooms is vital for ensuring everyone can go when they need to. Additionally, it will cut down on how quickly the bathrooms will deteriorate since foot traffic will spread across different stalls. This arrangement is preferable to having everyone use one stall. Trailers with more stalls also come with bigger tanks to reduce the amount of time you spend pumping and cleaning them.

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