Tips For a Beginning Drag Queen

Tips For a Beginning Drag Queen

A drag queen is characterized as someone who uses makeup and clothes to imitate an iconic feminine persona or famous woman. In the past decade, RuPaul (a drag icon, himself) has made the term “drag queen” more well known than ever before. If you long to join the colorful world of drag, consider a few tips for a beginning drag queen to get started.

The Persona

When coming up with your drag persona, you’ll need to look inward. Identifying your role models and female entertainers you resemble or connect with can help you narrow your character down. Knowing who the basis for your persona is will help you choose the types of accessories to complete your look, as well as ideas on what your stage name could be. What style and energy are you embodying? Determining the type of drag queen you want to be will greatly depend on your own personality.

The Look

The look has many aspects. You are celebrating yourself and appreciating your body and drag personality; so, it will take time to have a concrete idea of your look. Through time, it may evolve until you are secure in your skill level for application of makeup, choice of clothing and accessories, and overall look.


If you’re impersonating a public figure, your clothes should indicate that. You’ll need to figure out the style you seek to begin gathering the right outfit materials. Drag clothing is about looking your absolute best in your own unique way.

Whether you create your own drag character or embody someone else, pick out glamorous and extravagant clothes. Gowns, jewels, and shoes are all part of your display. You should be over the top, and your clothes should also play to your body’s strengths and show off your best features.


Makeup proficiency is an essential part of drag. You can watch tutorials and even find a mentor. If you’ve dabbled with makeup on a more natural level, it’s important to keep in mind that you can go much bigger with drag. Proper makeup application is one of the most important tips for a beginning drag queen.

Dramatic lines, bold colors, full false eyelashes, and accentuated lips are all part of the show. To find your signature look, try to experiment. You’ll know when you’ve found it, and then it will be easy to replicate over and over.


Wigs are just as important to your look as the makeup, clothing, and accessories. Drag queens move around a lot on stage, so it needs to be comfortable and secure (though, in the event you do lose your wig, just make this into part of the show—a seasoned drag queen will make any fluke look like a masterpiece).

As you acquire wigs and start learning to use wig caps, grip bands, clips, bobby pins, and glue, you’ll find there’s a lot to this process. Learning the common wig mistakes you may not know you’re making will alleviate issues both on and off the stage. Once you learn about wig application and maintenance, it’ll likely never be a problem again. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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