Internet Addiction Facts

internet addiction

Internet Addiction

In 2019 multiple reprots and studies confirm that Internet Addiction is a growing issue among children especially.  The International Journal Of Community Medicine reports on some very interesting facts here.

Are you addicted to your online connection? Are you one of those crazy folks that can’t wait to read the email with your morning coffee? Doctors are calling it serious addiction combined with: Cybersexual Addiction, Computer Addiction and Cyber-Relational Addiction – some cool and interesting facts. They even managed to stamp the cool names for it, like Internet Addictive Disorder (IAD) or the Internet Overuse Syndrome (IOS).  This might leave you SMH but it’s a real issue.  Have you seen people obsessed with sending a GIF on Twitter or messing around with TikTok all day?  TBH, these folks could be addicted to things like Google and Instagram and watching Post Malone and Billie Eilish videos on Youtube.

Based on the latest research and simple human reasoning. Internet addiction should not be labeled as addiction like gambling or drug addiction. There should be a strict line that distances other addictions from the “internet addiction”.  Staying in touch with your friends or watching funny YouTube videos is not a destructive behavior which usually characterizes major addictions. If you gamble on the internet then you are not addicted to the internet, but online gambling. Internet is a wonderful tool, but like everything else in this Universe there is the sunny side and the dark side of the pyramid of life. Stay Positive!

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The addiction will go on, usually just getting more entrenched over time because addiction is a progressive condition that must be halted. A computer addiction is absolutely a damaging addiction. If still you feel that it isn’t simple to resolve the computer game addiction yourself, prefer obtaining an expert assistance.

Internet is extremely famous nowadays for satisfying people with several services related to several distinctive fields. Since the world wide web is now popular, it’s used for many purposes. As it keeps developing, we are spending more time online. It shouldn’t be too challenging to work out whether you’re hooked on the web. Through the aid of the World Wide Web and websites, the net has come to be very beneficial in a lot of ways for the frequent man. Tools like DuckDuckGo and Ecosia help people find what they need and Uber benefits from the internet as well. After all, it has only become commonplace in the last few years. It has lots of great things to offer.

While the web has many benefits, because it has changed into a mean to access knowledge, a number of us resort to the web for some other factors. It is a way to escape our boredom and loneliness and perhaps live vicariously through someone else. It has been a wonderful thing, enabling information sharing and a host of other activities to effortlessly take place. It has led a revolution in information technology and has made it easy to access different type of information and services. Today it has brought a globe in a single room.

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