Bear Baiting

bear baiting

Bear Baiting

Bear baiting is the process of intensely feeding bears deliberately to fatten them up and make them return to the same feeding spot repeatedly.  This makes the bears gain excess weight and create a pattern for big game hunters to exploit.  Much of this is NSFW and frankly inhumane and distasteful TBH

There are many ethical issues concerning this clearly outlined here by the Humane Society.

In England in the nineteenth century, bear baiting was a very common method of entertainment. Bear baiting is when there are highly trained hunting dogs set loose on a defenseless bear. The bear has no claws, no teeth, and is chained to a pole of some sort. Bellow is the sad and shocking video produced by WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) exposing the disgusting, savage, and very cruel practice of bear baiting. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Even though a bear may be hitting bait regularly, it can stop for a wide array of reasons. Of course he or she is a powerful creature and it will pack a mean punch. Black bear are becoming more and more typical in the U.S.. You’ve already taken your one bear for this year. Practically any bear that arrives in and especially the huge ones, are likely to know that you’re there anyway.

If a Pit Bull is what you would like, be ready for at least 2 hours of vigorous exercise every day. He is not actually a breed, but encompasses a variety of breeds with similar characteristics. An American Pit Bull can create a great pet for the most suitable individual or loved ones.

Live bait can be found on site. To really pull in the bears, you require a superb, powerful stink bait. Bear baits can’t be placed more than seven days before opening day and has to be removed seven days following the previous day of the hunting season.

In spite of all its challenges, spring bear hunting is just one of my preferred outdoor adventures. The hunt happened in May 2016. My very first bear hunt over bait proved to be a true eye opener. So long because it is legal, I plan to continue hunting for bears with bait.

bear baiting

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