Interesting Facts About The NFL Draft

nfl draft facts
  1. Each team is given a position in the drafting order by the NFL that is the reverse of the position it finished in the prior season rankings in terms of win loss record and playoff results. These orders can change due to trades. This is the process where teams like the Dallas Cowboys or Chicago Bears get to choose college players from teams like Clemson football and Ohio State football.
  2. The NFL Draft was held in New York City for fifty straight years between 1965 and 2015.
  3. Jay Berwanger was the first player ever selected in the NFL Draft. This was in 1936.
  4. Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have had the #1 overall pick four times, more than any other team.
  5. Since 1999, the second most popular position choice as the #1 overall pick after Quarterback is Defensive End. The #1 overall pick always ends up in many a GIF or MEME that of course makes its way around Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook.

The NFL Draft features all the teams such as the Niners, KC Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, and more. TBH, the other leagues as well hold a draft in baseball and basketball where teams like the Celtics, LA Lakers, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, LA Dodgers, Dallas Mavericks, and others get to select amateur players. SMH – the energy of the draft and excitement is high and FOMO is a definite option. Remember to also check live stream options for the draft in 4K HDR and draft items on Youtube.

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