How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bunk Bed In San Francisco?

what is podshare

Is it a hostel or co-living? Is it bunk bed living or communal living? Does it really matter? The facts are the real estate markets ultimately evolve to meet the demands of the marketplace.

A hostel describes a lower priced rental option where folks can generally obtain their own bed and share accommodations like the bathroom and kitchen areas. This trend is gaining momentum as many of the most desirable cities with the most opportunities for people seeking jobs, career growth, and business opportunities are simply too expensive for many to afford.

Enter Podshare – which can get you that room to rent in San Francisco for about $1200/month. Just your own bunk bed with a personal TV and Wifi – and they even cover toilet paper and cheap microwavable noodles.

This type of living is growing in popularity in places like Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. The facts are some people will gladly give up privacy if they can be very close to the action where they will be out working and networking most of the time anyways.

Podshare is an LA based startup that is looking to expand on this concept greatly. The company seeks to build a network where folks pay a monthly fee (in essence their rent) and they can live in any location they want and bounce from place to place.

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