Hangover Facts

how to get rid of a hangover

How To Get Rid Of A Hangover

There is no 100% solution to getting rid of a hangover.  Your body must process out all of the excessive amount of alcohol consumed.  Different people have different remedies and “cures”.  A lot of it centers on hydrating the body with fluids and electrolytes and greasy food that comforts the stomach.  Perhaps a quick run to Wendy’s or Chik-fil-A is helpful to some, but the process must go on and drinking a lot of water is advised.

What Causes A Hangover?

A hangover is a condition which is a result of the consumption of an excessively large amount of alcohol. But in reality a hangover is more like a withdrawal from alcohol for a short time period.  You might be SMH, but TBH you just have to let it run its course.  HIFW at work with a hangover is not pleasant, but it is what it is. Probably not the ideal time to crank up Youtube in your headphones blasting Billie Eilish, Post Malone, or Lizzo

A lot of experts state that some of the ingredients which are present in alcohol cause the hangover. The ingredients which are present in alcohol are known as congeners.  Harvard Medical School published more research on the causes and nature of hangovers.

During the ancient times, people used a combination containing myrrh and the beaks of birds which had been grounded to a fine paste, in order to treat a hangover. But most people feel that a similar combination cannot be used in the modern times in order to treat a hangover. Liquor which is light like vodka and gin should be consumed instead of heavy and dark liquors like whiskey and brandy. All kinds of alcoholic beverages which contain chemicals should be avoided since they will cause a very sever hangover. The worst hangover will usually be caused by the consumption of red wine. A lot of people are also likely to become very angry and depressed after they have consumed a large amount of alcohol.

People that use marijuana tend to swear that cannabis does not create hangovers. 

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how to get rid of a hangover

how to get rid of a hangover

how to get rid of a hangover


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9 Comments on “Hangover Facts”

  1. I thought that the hangover is really just a headache caused from dehydration.
    You may say why are you dehydrated when Beer etc. is mostly water that’s because Alcohol is just poison to your body and your liver syphons out this poison taking excess water with it making you pee more.
    I believe this is true because people who drink more water when they drink alcohol don’t really get as bad hangover.

  2. Love the last sentence “A lot of people are also likely to become very angry and depressed after they have consumed a large amount of alcohol.” We’re angry and depressed because the forking sun is shining through the window, I have cotton-mouth, whishkey breath, a thumping headache and I have to go to work in 20 minutes. You douche.

  3. i believe a hangover is multiple problems such as the headache is caused by dehydration. (drink lots of water before you goto bed to aviod this portion of the hangover) the vomiting is caused by the alcohol you have comsumed pass your liver is too hard of a beverage for stomache acid to breakdown hence the name hard liqor so you vomit. the best way to avoid hangover is before you goto bed eat 2 tylenol and drink lots of water to dilute the alcohol and eat dry toast in the morning followed by 2 more tylenol and lots of water. Happy drinking!

  4. It’s not dangerous unless your immature about it. Regardless what some fool posts on ehow. ehow is not always a reliable source of information. Due to the fact that anyone can create an account on ehow and post some gibberish they read on a bottle description mixed with their own opinion, makes ehow a very bias source of information. If you were to ask anyone with a degree in medical science they will tell you it is always “dangerous” to mix any medication with alcohol. This is always mentioned due to the laws from the ministry of food and drugs. The reason they have made it law, is to protect manufacturing compaies of lawsuit if in the event that someone takes the medication while consuming alcohol and has an allergic reaction, they cant sue the manufacturing company. Though people often have negative reactions to medications while under the consumption of alcohol, acetaminophen has a reputation to cause liver damage. most of liver damage reported in the united states and most of canada had be believed to be caused by acetaminophen however studies have shown that the 96% were at a high risk of liver failure caused by the consumption of too much alcohol. alcohol takes 24 hrs. to leave the human body as alcohol is liquid based which is why people often blamed liver failure to the tylenol however studies proved that though alcohol leaves the body within 24 hrs, the damage takes years to heal and if you don’t give your body time to heal, it all adds up. Sign to look for when looking for liver failure includes yellowing of the skin, nails, and teeth. for further information about these topics refer to medical journals in a library of a medical science institution before believing everything you read in ehow or wikipedia or any other bias source of information.

  5. The reason you get a hangover is the production of acetaldehyde as a by-product of metabolism of the ethanol.
    Aldehydes are also produced and react with cell membranes and the production of free oxygen radicals is also a problem.
    It’s not just dehydration although that does play a part.
    Drink some water and give your liver something to make the detoxifying glutathione by eating a good source of protein. Hard-boiled eggs with some hot sauce is good and so is canned fish. And take some vitamins and enzymes to help you digest it.

  6. Alcohol is not a good thing, but I dont know why peoples are drinking that. Maximum persons are saying something alcohol was forget all mental depression and empty their minds, but I think that is the cause of family quarrels and indiscipline illness life. Alcohol is creating cancer in liver, failure kidney and many more disease.
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