A Beginner’s Guide To Enjoying Whiskey Correctly

A Beginner’s Guide To Enjoying Whiskey Correctly

With its following of connoisseurs ready to fight tooth and nail over their favorite brand, whiskey is a long-standing classic in the world of hard spirits. But some people are fairly new to the whiskey game or may be unsure how to get acquainted with the stronger varieties. This beginner’s guide to enjoying whiskey correctly can help get you started.

Introduce It To Your Tongue

When you’re first diving into the whiskey world, one of the first things to master is getting your tongue used to the spirit’s strength. Some veterans are able to pour themselves a glass and drink without thinking. However, beginners should take small sips and leave the whiskey on their tongues. After swallowing, you’re likely to notice that the burning sensation isn’t as bad. From there, your next few sips will get less intense, and you’ll be able to focus more on the flavor.

Find Flavors You Enjoy

Whiskey is full of complexities, so you may have to try multiple varieties and combinations to get the right profile in your glass. Whiskey is surprisingly one of many drinks that pairs well with honey, and adding that touch of sweetness can make a whiskey taste like a different drink entirely.


Finally, as you slowly get used to the experience that whiskey provides, you can go out and explore the wide selection available to you. Asking other connoiesseurs for their favorites and experimenting for yourself is the best way to go about it. Over time, you’ll begin to notice the subtle differences that make each bottle unique.

Whiskey is an often-misunderstood spirit that only gets better once you develop a taste for it. Hopefully, this beginner’s guide to enjoying whiskey correctly will put you well on your way to finding a new favorite drink. Take charge and happily try all the varieties as you search for the ones you’ll love.

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