5 Interesting Facts About The Lion King

interesting facts about the lion king

5 Interesting Facts About The Lion King

  1.   The Lion King Musical debuted on Broadway in October of 1997.  It is the highest grossing stage production of all time and is still on Broadway to this day.
  2.   Elton John, along with Tim Rice, contributed three new compositions for the Broadway adaptation of he smash hit movie.
  3.   The Lion King debuted at the New Amsterdam Theatre, and later switched to the Minskoff Theatre where it currently resides.  Interestingly, the production that took its slot at the New Amsterdam Theatre is Disney’s other hit Aladdin.  SMH, Disney sure knows how to crank out the hits.  You can see GIFs and MEMEs as well of their work on Tiktok and Twitter
  4.  Production for a remake of the film began in May of 2017.  Elton John signed on again to work some compositions.
  5.   Nathan Lane auditioned for Zazu but ended up as Timon.

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interesting facts about the lion king

What is it about the Lion King that resonates in our minds so strongly? Why does it continue to remain in our hearts and minds? There are many reasons, some of which you might not even realize. Here are a few reasons.  TBH – it’s one of the most magical stories ever told. 

When young George Washington sat on the steps of the home’s family’s log cabin, he was forced to watch as his younger brother looked at a small boy in a rainbow-colored dress that belonged to a Native American woman. He watched as he peered out from the window of his home, out into the world. The Lion King showed what young Nathan Lane could do with his heart, mind, and creativity when placed in an environment that allowed him to fully develop those attributes.  Using animals takes a lot of talent much like if working with a tiger or dog or cat.  You might say the pairs are OTP on Facebook but it’s true. 

When Nathan Lane takes on the role of Simba in the Broadway musical version of the Lion King, he becomes a part of the story that is being told to all young boys everywhere. Whether or not it is the best version of the story, you can bet that the Lion King does influence young boys from around the world. If you have a son, the Lion King is an example that they will be inspired by. You can also bet that the Lion King will certainly influence their life as well. Even if your son didn’t live through the time period, the story does hold a place in their heart and soul.  The musical captures your heart much like Hadestown and Dear Evan Hansen or a song from Billie Eilish or a painting from Andy Warhol.   The writing resonates and lasts over time, much like that from JD Salinger, Mark Twain, and Edgar Allan Poe

When you look at the words of Bob Thomas, who wrote the lyrics for the Broadway musical, you can hear the inspiration he gained from watching his father go through the days of his childhood. His father was no different than any other father, although his father was different than his father. He held a torch for his son and didn’t hesitate to let his son know about it. Dad didn’t know a whole lot about the movie, but he sure knew a whole lot about the theater. He had been a movie buff since he was a kid, and he knew a lot about movies.

One of the biggest influences that this Broadway musical has had on the entire world is through its theme song. For many years, the Lion King and Broadway musical have been linked, and the title song became an instant hit for the musical. The song is titled “You Belong To Me,” and it tells the story of how Nathan Lane’s heart connects to that of the King and his people.

What does Elton John, the singing voice of the king, sing to the audience in the middle of the show? It’s a smash. It’s a legendary song that has been played over again, and it’s one of the best songs that shows how influential this movie has been to the world.

Don’t miss the Lion King on Broadway. It’s a fun and memorable time, and you won’t regret the ride. Just know that the movie and Broadway musical are linked.

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The Lion King – Music

There are so many emotions going through my body that I am truly in awe when I listen to the Lion King. No doubt, the words are so beautiful and they add so much drama to the story line of this movie. The lyrics of the songs on The Lion King have never failed to win over the hearts of children and adults alike. So many young children were inspired by these songs to become singers after they heard the lyrics. Influential stars like Elton John and Beyonce are directly involved with the music.

In my opinion, Elton John is definitely one of the greatest musicians of all time. He is able to make us feel like we are part of the world he creates. His vocals and lyrics help us to identify with his characters and this will make you feel like you are watching a movie. I can honestly say that this is a movie that everyone should watch. It shows true friendship between the animals of the forest, which makes the whole concept of the movie even more poignant.

Elton John deserves to be listed alongside the greats such as Prince, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, and Michael Jackson. His impact on music cannot be measured. But when you see how many people listen to his music then you realize how important his contributions are. His voice just does not stop, it is amazing and it has created a wave of passion and emotion in music for children and adults alike. So when you hear his song, “Circle of Life” in The Lion King, you will understand why.

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