5 Interesting Facts About The Lion King

interesting facts about the lion king

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5 Interesting Facts About The Lion King

  1.   The Lion King Musical debuted on Broadway in October of 1997.  It is the highest grossing stage production of all time and is still on Broadway to this day.
  2.   Elton John, along with Tim Rice, contributed three new compositions for the Broadway adaptation of he smash hit movie.
  3.   The Lion King debuted at the New Amsterdam Theatre, and later switched to the Minskoff Theatre where it currently resides.  Interestingly, the production that took its slot at the New Amsterdam Theatre is Disney’s other hit Aladdin.
  4.  Production for a remake of the film began in May of 2017.  Elton John signed on again to work some compositions.
  5.   Nathan Lane auditioned for Zazu but ended up as Timon.

interesting facts about the lion king

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