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george bernard shaw plays

George Bernard Shaw

Born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland; George Bernard Shaw was a known playwright, journalist, orator, reviewer and a socialist.  He was born to poor parents and suffered financially.  He had to fight through school as a clerk, neither of which he enjoyed.  It was in 1876 when he moved to London he earned fame as playwright, politician and celebrity.  He became the force of a developing Fabian society.  He did not like George in his name and just liked using Bernard Shaw.

Bernard Shaw

george bernard shaw plays

Shaw was a committed vegetarian, a socialist and he opposed the First World War.  He won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925 and an Oscar in 1938 (Pygmalion). He is the only person to receive both awards. He did not follow any religion but favored religious beliefs: “my religious convictions and scientific views cannot at present be more specifically defined than as those of a believer in creative revolution.”

george bernard shaw plays

Throughout his life he wrote more than 60 plays.  His work dealt with political and social issues.  He was known to dislike aristocrats and nobleman.  One time he received invitation from local lord stating: “Lord C. Will be home Tuesday between 4 and 6”.   Bernard Shaw returned invitation and wrote down: “George Bernard Shaw too”.

Bernard died at an age of 94 when he fell down the ladder while trimming a tree.

Nobel Prize (in Literature) laureate George Bernard Shaw – 1925 from ColorizedHistory

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw [OC][2000 × 1800] from QuotesPorn

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