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george bernard shaw plays

George Bernard Shaw

Born on July 26, 1856 in Dublin, Ireland; George Bernard Shaw was a known playwright, journalist, orator, reviewer and a socialist.  He was born to poor parents and suffered financially and were in need of money.  He had to fight through school as a clerk, neither of which he enjoyed.  It was in 1876 when he moved to London he earned fame as playwright, politician and celebrity.  He became the force of a developing Fabian society.  He did not like George in his name and just liked using Bernard Shaw.

Bernard Shaw

george bernard shaw plays

Shaw was a committed vegetarian, a socialist and he opposed the First World War.  He won Nobel Prize for Literature in 1925 and an Oscar in 1938 (Pygmalion). He is the only person to receive both awards. He did not follow any religion but favored religious beliefs: “my religious convictions and scientific views cannot at present be more specifically defined than as those of a believer in creative revolution.”  Similar to other writers such as Edgar Allan Poe and J.D. Salinger, Shaw had his own unique personality and stood behind it firmly and with conviction – much like Mark Twain and Andy Warhol.   TBH, Shaw and Poe could make OTP.  One wonders what these immensely talented artists and writers would think about the modern era of communication with GIFs and MEMEs and Twitter and Tiktok

george bernard shaw plays

Throughout his life he wrote more than 60 plays.  His work dealt with political and social issues.  He was known to dislike aristocrats and nobleman.  One time he received invitation from local lord stating: “Lord C. Will be home Tuesday between 4 and 6”.   Bernard Shaw returned invitation and wrote down: “George Bernard Shaw too”.

Bernard died at an age of 94 when he fell down the ladder while trimming a tree.

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Nobel Prize (in Literature) laureate George Bernard Shaw – 1925 from ColorizedHistory

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say ‘Why not?” – George Bernard Shaw [OC][2000 × 1800] from QuotesPorn

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To this day Shaw is cherished. The Shaw Fest takes place annually and is a festival celebrating classic plays and literature. Considering that education should produce accountable and humane citizens rather than slaves, Shaw shows a schooling system’s evils. The intention is to show schooling gives rise and discourse works through energy that is disciplinary. Keywords: Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion Michel Foucault, Knowledge Power – Fatemeh Shahpoori Arani, Hossein Pirnajmuddin. Due to the rottenness of bourgeoisie and also the evils of poverty and capitalism, Shaw devoted himself into the reason for real progress, morality and justice. To increase their condition and to enhance the people’s awareness, Shaw dramatized the connection between the difficulties of faith, marriage, and conscience, the individual and society, as well as genders.

A number of the writings are a review of the schooling system. He believes that the education system must produce humans, but the schooling system of the time was a company which involved punishment, and taught things that are useless by rote. The school system made progress impossible. Consequently Shaw probes the dynamics of teacher and the discourse of schooling – pupil power connections. He presents most significantly class the connection between this discourse alongside other discourses, and the idea of self indulgent as an one. The notion of self indulgent is of fundamental importance, for, as the drama also within its own way intimates, subjects aren’t found in the world, but are invented, that they may take possession of both their fabricated lives by becoming their very own authors. 

Drawing on that the Foucauldian conception of discourse, it’s evident that important dimensions of both this society are constructed by discourses that are interdependent and defined in connection to one another. For Foucault discourse is composed of both a limited number of both statements for which a group of both conditions of both existence can be defined. From the initial act the distinction between Eliza and others is evident. She’s the illegitimate kid of a destroyed family thrown out to earn her very own living by selling flowers. Her father, Alfred Doolittle, is a very common cop used to drinking, extorting money, and also engaged in love affairs. 

Her family status attacks Eliza to working class with its culture and also way of life that are defined against that the upper class culture negatively – as vulgar and inhuman. Cold and hot water on tap. Wooly towels, there’s. Soft brushes to scrub yourself, and also a wooden bowl of both soap smelling like primroses.


Now, you can enjoy a night at the Oscars with the Oscar Experience. But before that, you need to watch Pygmalion again. It is an excellent musical and it will entertain you while watching the upcoming nominees for Best Picture.

A few years ago, all the tickets were sold out before the official start of the Oscars, which led to quite a lot of empty seats. However, it was not the only factor that caused the shortage in seats.

This phenomenon was probably a genuine mistake by the Oscar organizers. The people who actually bought tickets usually paid exorbitant prices. To prevent this kind of thing from happening, the organizations had the newlyweds couple, celebrity impersonators, professional photographers and screenwriter award winners come together. This made everyone feel comfortable enough to buy tickets.

The Oscars came to mind when I was looking at pictures from the fifth Academy Awards. In the film version of Pygmalion, everyone is singing and dancing along, even if it is just in the background.

But this movie is more than just a big musical. George Bernard Shaw (the great Victorian playwright) plays the part of the bride, who teaches her husband how to put his emotions on paper, so that he may record his deep and personal feelings in a letter and send it to the right person, be it his mother, wife or girlfriend. He gets the assistance of his lover, Salome, who takes care of his lonely baby brother, the ‘poster boy’ of the entire story.

Pygmalion is set in the 16th century, and its theme is the same as that of a novel by Adam Smith, which is also a source of inspiration for many artists of the time. Though the play also takes the view that humanity will never reach the perfection it seeks, this movie tries to take the view that even without perfection, man should still strive to improve himself. The story of how these two women met also makes for a touching story.

This movie is not a perfect adaptation of the book, since it is not Shakespeare’s play. However, its overall message is the same as that of the novel – that people should not neglect their own humanity and that even the best person should not put his emotions on paper.

If you cannot afford to watch the movie in a theatre, you can watch it online. You can also watch a download of the film, which you can watch at your own convenience, without bothering anybody else. There are some scenes that are a bit predictable, but I think the rest of the movie is worth a watch, if only because it is the fifth time it has been shown.

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