Meteora Facts

Meteora, an area that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world every year is situated in Greece. Meteora is famous for its monasteries that are built on eroded rocks. The name itself means “suspended in the air”. The monks built these monasteries on the top of the rocks. Earlier there were many monasteries but now only six are left. Meteora was inhabited by hermit monks first. The climate here varies with sweating summers to chilly winters. The area experiences rain all through the year. The rocks on which these monasteries stand are believed to be almost sixty million years old and their weathering and evolving makes the place perfect for hiking. Tourists here enjoy visiting monasteries, hiking and exploring caves. The best way to reach the place is by taking a bus from Athens. There are good hotels to stay in a village of Kastraki. The nearby places worth visiting are Mount Olympus, Athens, Santorini and many more.
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  1. it is surprising to note that how this construction was done,on the top of the mountains. this is really wonderful.

  2. am in with the incrowd and I know what the incrowd knows. the power of little facts. with this kind of knowledge u could topple the bstards of the world…. small power we will topple you with our super facts

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