5 Interesting Facts About The Human Brain

interesting facts about human brain

5 Interesting Facts about the Human Brain

Our brain is the most complex organ in our body; it is also just as important. TBH – Our brain’s superior skills in learning, comprehension, and memory are what sets us apart from other animals. The brain leads to the creation of things like SMH and ROFL and HIFW, not to mention new technlogy like 4K HDR, Youtube, and Tiktok. Here are five facts about this brilliant organ in our body that we bet you didn’t know –

  1. Our brain is one of the fattest organs in our body. In fact, 60% of its composition is fat.
  2. The brain gets 20% of the total blood and oxygen produced in our body.
  3. Our brain is home to almost 100 billion neurons.
  4. Researchers have found that old age reduces the brain’s capacity to remember new information as it is unable to remove the old stocked up information.
  5. The human brain weighs approximately 3 pounds.

Incredible, isn’t it? There are many more facts about our brain that the common person is unaware of. The human brain is little less than a wonder. We are still studying and learning all that is possible by this organ. it is also crucial to stay aware of positive nutrition and how it impacts your mind, so things like water, cannabis, magnesium, cinnamon, potassium, high fructose corn syrup, Coca Cola, Wendy’s, Chik-fil-A, caffeine, beef, salt, and more are important to monitor.

We hope you enjoyed the facts we shared above. Don’t forget to pass them along to your friends. Let everyone appreciate the gift that our brain is, and treat it with love and care as it ought to be!

Speaking of the human brain, there are plenty of incredible talents that have made great use of their brain. To wit, check out Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Mark Twain, Ronald Reagan, Post Malone, the writers of Hadestown and Dear Evan Hansen and The Lion King, JD Salinger, Edgar Allan Poe, Lady Gaga, Tyler The Creator, Lizzo, Bernard Shaw, Claude Monet, Billie Eilish, plus many more.

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