5 Interesting Facts About Asteroids

asteroid facts

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Asteroid Facts

asteroid facts

  1.  If all the asteroids in the solar system were smashed together and combined like hamburger meat in a meatball, the total size would be smaller than the Moon.
  2.  The smallest asteroid identified is six feet wide, the 2015 TC25 Rock.
  3.   Asteroids can be as wide as 600 miles.  These are basically particles that are unhinged from planets and didn’t manage to stick to any planet.
  4.   Most asteroids originate from the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter.
  5.   Some asteroids have their own moons.  Scientists have identified about 150 asteroids currently that have their own moon.

asteroid facts

asteroid facts

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Humanity has racked up extraordinary feats of spaceflight since NASA’s first moon mission 50 years ago. Our spacecraft have visited every planet in the solar system, reached interstellar space, sampled comets and asteroids, enabled astronauts to live in orbit for two decades, and more. from space

Astronomers discover a "solar twin" that was likely born in the same stellar nursery as the Sun. The twin, named HD186302, sits about 184 light-years from Earth and has roughly the same age, metallicity, chemical abundances, and even carbon-isotope ratios as the Sun. from science

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