How Much Stuff Can We Get From Asteroids And The Moon?

interesting facts about asteroid mining

What Is Asteroid Mining?

Asteroid mining refers to exploiting asteroids and other planets and moons for natural resources. An example would be mining gold from asteroids.

How Much Gold Is In Asteroids?

Psyche 16 is an asteroid made up almost entirely of metals. Scientists project that it was once the core of another planet. NASA is making a trip to explore it planned for 2022. reports on how some state the asteroid is worth $700 Quintillion.

What Will Asteroid Mining Due To The Economy?

Obviously, the ability to extract and return vast quantities of gold, cobalt, iron, water, and other commodities can have a huge impact on he global economy and prices of these materials and substances. The key issue at this point is extraction. How can we extract them in a safe and cost effective manner? has more on that. reports on the variety of projects related to asteroid mining underway at NASA.

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