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Are you aware of the interesting facts about Hollywood, the world renowned name in the motion picture industry? This district of Los Angeles has the well-known Hollywood sign. In reality, this sign was built in 1923 by one of the real estate agents and an investor, Harry Chandler, with a motive of advertisement. He spent around $21, 000 for this and wanted it to stay for 18 months. But at that stage he was not aware that this construction would become a legend in itself. Today, the famous Hollywood sign is more than 80 years old. Initially, the sign used to read “Hollywood Land”. But in 1949, “Land” was removed and only “Hollywood” remained. Today, the sign is taken care of by “Hollywood Sign Trust” which was formed in the year of 1995. On September 18, 1932, Lillian Millicent “Peg” Entwistle after unsuccessful Hollywood carrier, jumped from the letter ‘H’ into her death. She was only 24 years old.

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