Who Made The Marree Man?

60 km out of the town of Marree in South Australia, there is the figure of a man etched into the ground that is more than 4 km long. This geoglyph, popularly known as the Marree Man, is not only Australia’s but also the world’s biggest geoglyph, and had been created by scouring out the vegetation from the land and exposing the bar earth underneath. The main reason for this being hyped so much is that no one knows who, or why made this astounding drawing on the earth. Although there are only a few clues, a local version says that the eccentric Bardius Goldberg made this using a GPS and a bulldozer.rnrnfact imagernsatellite image of the Marree Manrnrnfact imagernMarree Man: aerial view

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  1. Obviously it was made to be seen from above. Weather it was in the sky or from space. So whoever made it had to have knowledge of something from the sky that could be watching. Or…. it could have been a bunch of religious natives that thought it would please their “god.” All in all, there is no real way to find out. With the earth being as old as it is I am sure that there is so much more that we do not know about.

  2. If the fact stated how old it was, I’d be able to make some sort of assumption, but no. I’m guessing similar ancient crop circle type things. However is it just me who seems to think it looks very egyptian?

  3. If you google Bardius Goldberg you can find the story behind it. Its no mystery. No aliens didnt do it or natives from thousands of years ago. It was done in 1996 by Goldberg with a bulldozer lol He was an artist that wanted to leave his mark on the earth. Well done Bardius

  4. Well said Jeremiah. If only people did a little research first before making ridiculous conclusions.
    Have to say, I think it’s actually a great piece of art.

  5. Very soon some of this information will become better known, and Maitreya of course is constantly in touch with the Hierarchy of other planets and uses them on occasions In Australia, for instance, there is a drawing which they call Marree Man, which is about three kilometres in length. It is carved into the land, a desert area north of Adelaide, and very wide marks on the ground draw out a very elegant figure with one hand holding a boomerang. The drawing is made by Maitreya and the actual figure is cut into the earth by the Space Brothers.

    This is from http://www.share-international.org

  6. Coisa de rico excntrico alguem que tem o tempo vadia, daqui a pouco vo achar que foi os Ets… achei interessante

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