5 Interesting Facts About To Kill A Mockingbird

to kill a mockingbird broadway
  1. To Kill A Mockingbird is a novel published in 1960 and written by Harper Lee.
  2. To Kill A Mockingbird also exists as a play written by Aaron Sorkin that is a smash hit on Broadway. The play debuted in late 2018 and is at the Shubert Theatre in NYC.
  3. The estate of Harper Lee filed a lawsuit against the stage adaptation of Sorkin claiming it deviates too much from the novel, particularly with lead character Atticus Finch.
  4. To Kill A Mockingbird was the only book ever published by Harper Lee until 2015. Lee published Go Set A Watchman in 2015.
  5. The novel also became a movie in 1962 with Gregory Peck playing the role of Atticus Finch.
interesting facts about to kill a mockingbird

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